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  • Prevention services early screening for diabetes, high blood pressure and HIV counseling and testing, etc

  • Curative services full assessment, diagnosis, and treatment with medication. Prompt emergency care and referral to a tertiary hospital for further investigation and management.

  • Reproduction health care contraceptives, emergency contraceptives, STI (sexually transmitted infections) treatment, pap smears, and referral for TOP (termination of pregnancy).

  • Health Promotion Wellness is encouraged by way of promoting a healthy lifestyle, sensible eating, responsible sexuality, HIV/AIDS awareness, dental health, early stress management, exercise, and participation in sports by discouraging the abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other harmful substances.

  • An affordable range of rapid tests including HIV, Pregnancy, Blood sugar tests, etc.

  • Immediate attention for all medical emergencies on campus.Paramedic services onsite.

Appointments for consultation are booked on daily basis, from 08:00 – 16:00.

Students are advised to schedule an appointment online, on their student portal or access the booking system on CHWC bebpage.

Or use the link below to access the booking system: