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Emergency Services

Emergencies do occur. Emergency call-outs require a Paramedic and a basic ambulance assistant to leave the clinic and attend to the patient at the scene. We ask for your understanding should this cause in-clinic delays. Students who are writing exams are taken as walk-ins and, therefore are not expected to pay a fee as this is considered as an Out of Exam emergency.


  • Get help quickly.
  • Do not move the patient.
  • Do not crowd the patient - allow air to circulate.
  • Make sure the person is breathing! Call out his or her name ... Hello!
  • Check for a pulse.
  • Protect yourself (look for hazards eg exposed wiring)
  • If external bleeding, apply pressure (wear gloves).
  • If the person is having a fit/seizure, turn the person on his/her side, protect from injury and let the fit proceed. Do not restrain or stick things in the mouth.
  • Don’t give anything by mouth to someone who is unconscious or who may need an operation.
  • Cool burns in cold water, and cover with a clean cloth. Forget about the colourful lotions like mercurochrome and gentian violet!