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Right2Protest Project

The Right2Protest Project (R2P) is a coalition that aims to establish non-partisan, peacebuilding, intersectional and innovative interventions in order to advance the right to protest in South Africa. R2P uses a multidisciplinary approach to interrogate the issues giving rise to protest and those associated with the act of protest itself. In using a multidisciplinary approach, R2P takes seriously the need to adopt an intersectional lens in order to strengthen progressive lawyering in a society where conservative norms govern the right to protest.

R2P’s objectives are:

  1. the provision of legal support (including legal representation where possible, and the provision of a telephonic protest hotline) and solidarity to communities, especially poor and marginalised communities, in exercising the right to protest;
  2. exposing and responding to efforts to inhibit the right to protest;
  3. creating, maintaining, publicising and utilising a repository of data, analysis and resources related to the right to protest;
  4. providing a platform for civil society organisations involved in work related to the right to protest to share information and strategies so that our collective resources can be mobilised most effectively and strategically to advance the right to protest; and
  5. holding to account the State and private actors in regard to their obligations in terms of the right to protest.

The scope of R2P’s work includes providing legal support and solidarity to communities in exercising the right to protest. R2P provided legal assistance through our network of attorneys during the 2016 #Feesmustfall protests. Since its inception in October 2016, R2P has assisted 484 protestors with legal assistance.

In advancing the right to protest, R2P also provides workshops that educate and train communities on the right to protest and the procedures involved. R2P has thus far done workshops with communities in Newcastle, Kwa-Zulu Natal; Emalahleni, Mpumalanga as well as environmental activists in Cape Town.

R2P also wishes to change the narrative of protest action in South Africa and enhance progressive lawyering. As a result, R2P provides bail training relating specifically to protest to attorneys as well as exposing efforts by our courts; police and local government to inhibit protest action.

Before protesting, equip yourself with information!

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