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As a Wits graduate, you have made a difference in our country, our continent and the world for the good of all. Now you have the chance to leave a legacy for future Witsies and contribute towards a bright future for your university.

Vote in the Elections

The Convocation elects Members of the Executive Committee of Convocation, as well as the President of the Convocation, in accordance with the University’s rules. Ten representatives are elected by the Convocation via ballot (electronic or postal) from among the members of the Convocation that put themselves forward for election. 

Voting for the President and the Exco of Convocation allows you to have a say in your representation regarding governance matters relating to the University 

The next Exco of Convocation elections will be held in October 2022.

To be alerted when it’s time to vote – Update Your Details here

Make a Contribution

You can give back to the future through affordable, regular donations. As little as R100 a month can make a big difference.

You may think your contribution is a drop in the ocean. But consider this: there are 200 000 Convocation members across the globe,and growing …

A large number of small regular donations grows exponentially, ensuring a stable and secure financial foundation to launch Wits into the next century and beyond.

Your contribution supports:

  • Teaching and research
  • Scholarships and bursaries
  • Campus growth and improvements

Your donations will ensure that Wits continues on its path to success, ensuring that your alma mater remain ranked among the top 1% of universities in the world.

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Partnership and Collaboration Initiatives

Wits has identified eight strategic priority areas, namely:

  • Driving digital transformation
  • Catalysing innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Ensuring better health for all
  • Solving global challenges and crises
  • Advancing society, governance and justice
  • Future proofing our national treasures
  • Developing the next generation of leaders
  • Energising broad-based alumni support (R300 million target)

In support of the strategic priorities of the University, the self-driven mandate of the Executive Committee of Convocation, representing graduates of the University, has evolved to include a Partnership and Collaboration imperative. This imperative is aimed at leveraging expertise and networks of Exco members and the alumni body at large to tackle real world problems such as startup commercialisation, student food security and Green Economy initiatives.

As a Wits Convocation member, you can get involved by contributing ideas, connections or expertise to assist in supporting Wits’ strategic priority areas.

We would love to hear from you. To be part of the Partnership and Collaboration ecosystem, please email

Committee Contributions

Convocation’s role is to discuss and state its opinion upon any matter relating to the University. Convocation enables alumni to have a say in University matters. In carrying out this mandate, Convocation members sit on various university committees, to ensure that the voice of alumni is present in the running of the university.

Some of the committees include:

  • University Council
  • University Forum ExCo
  • Finance and Investment Committee
  • Naming Committee
  • Wits Business School ExCo
  • Honorary Degrees Committee
  • Council ICT Committee
  • Convocation Social Media Committee

If you have any ideas, contributions or questions about the running of the university or suggestions for any of the committees, we would love to hear from you. Please email us on

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