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A graduation message from the Chancellor

The Chancellor holds the formal position of head of the University. He or she confers degrees at graduation ceremonies in the name of the University, and performs other functions assigned by Council. The Chancellor may be called upon to discuss matters of substance with the Vice-Chancellor and the Chair of Council.

The Chancellor is elected by Convocation and has a six-year term of office. He or she may hold office for only two terms.

Congratulations to all graduands! You have travelled an exciting, perhaps tumultuous journey, and are now at the beginning of another. Whether it’s the world of work you are entering or staying on to continue your studies, you are not who you were when you first entered Wits University. You are now a product of a leading African institution, an institution which epitomises integrity, hard work and leadership.

As you forge ahead, you will be confronted by many choices. Always choose what is right. Choose to be honest, helpful and honourable. Choose the path less travelled. Choose to innovate and lead. Choose success!

Always ensure that the values of this great institution reflect this country and contribute to its growth and development. However, should you choose to travel the globe and to contribute to the global knowledge economy, utilise the solid foundation that this University has given you to build a life for yourself and others.

You are the future. Believe in yourself, in your greatness, and never, ever be afraid to shine. Become all that you are capable of, and more. Dare to dream. Dare to innovate. Dare to lead. Offer a helping hand. It is by helping others achieve their greatness that you can make this country, and perhaps this world, become the place where you would want your children to live. Give to those who don’t have. Share your wisdom, knowledge and wealth. Believe in our humanity – it is what defines us.

We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails!
Go forth and conquer the world!

The Honourable Justice Dikgang Moseneke
Wits University

Term of office:
1 November 2012 – 1 November 2018


Former Chancellors of Wits University:

Prince Arthur of Connaught 1922-1938 

Jan Hofmeyr 1939-1948 

Richard Feetham 1949-1961 

Oliver Deneys Schreiner 1961-1975 

Bertrand Leon “Birch” Bernstein 1975-1982 

Aanon Michael “Mike” Rosholt 1983-1997 

Richard Goldstone 1996-2007