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Knowledge brokerage: Synthesis and translation

Facilitating the process of knowledge-to-action.

Knowledge synthesis

Hosting, facilitating, and supporting synthesis working groups for generating new knowledge using diverse existing datasets. 

  • We provide logistical, operational and technical support in the tranquil African bushveld, away from urban distractions, for synthesis working groups tackling complex cross-disciplinary problems.
  • We give thematic prominence to topics that are a priority for Africa and the global South, with strong African participation and leadership in synthesis activities.
  • The Wits Rural Campus, with its world-class meeting, dining, and accommodation facilities located in a natural African landscape, and situated in close proximity to a regional airport, provides the ideal setting for such synthesis endeavours.

Knowledge Translation

Facilitating the process of knowledge-to-action

  • We work at the interface between researchers and policy-makers, decision-makers and programme implementers, to ensure that research contributes meaningfully to evidence-based action for positive change.
  • This involves connecting networks of producers and users of knowledge, and disseminating research findings in appropriate formats and forums.