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Learning: Training, leadership and science career development

Promoting cross-disciplinary experiential learning.

Tackling the complex development challenges facing South Africa and the region requires cross-disciplinary skills and approaches.

The Wits Rural Campus, by virtue of its location and unique history, is an ideal environment for experiential and inclusive learning, providing opportunities for:

  • Engagement
  • In-depth reflection
  • Learning the skills needed to navigate a variety of worldviews.

Postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows based at the Wits Rural Campus benefit from local, established research programmes based in different Wits schools and faculties and drawing on varied and cross-cutting disciplinary approaches.

Retaining research capacity and leadership through the effective development of early and mid-career scientists is achieved through embedding young researchers in research teams and pairing them with mentors.

WiRKH supports these activities by promoting and providing targeted operational support at the Wits Rural Campus for:

• Postdoctoral fellowships and research internships embedded in ongoing programmes of research

• Multi-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary postgraduate training programmes

• Undergraduate experiential and service-learning programmes