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Meet the WESAF Fellows

David Adedire Adeniran David Adedire Adeniran is a lecturer in the University of Ibadan. He holds a Masters degree in Wood Products Engineering (Wood Structures) and specializes in sustainable utilization of wood and biomaterials.
Emefa Adjaho Emefa Adjaho, a dedicated advocate for the environment, holds a Bachelor’s in political science, and Geography from the University of Ghana. As a Research and Teaching Assistant, she channels her passion into sustainable African cultures, circular economy principles, and renewable energy.
Theophilus Owusu Agyapong Owusu Agyapong Theophilus, a geologist and teaching assistant at the University of Ghana, focuses on sustainability in mineral resources in Africa.
Doreen Ainembabazi Doreen Ainembabazi, a Research Associate at Makerere University, focuses on inclusive safe and resilient migrant and refugee communities.
Mohamed Ali Mohamed Ali-Salad, a researcher at the SIDRA Institute, explores migration health, health systems, and maternal and child health in Somalia.
Mindy Appiah Mindy Appiah, a teaching assistant at the University of Ghana, holds a bachelor's degree in economics and statistics.
Nabeelah Bemath Nabeelah Bemath, an academic coordinator and registered research psychologist at the University of Witwatersrand, focuses on public mental health, cognitive neuropsychology, and psychological assessment in the South African context.
Punyagandhaa Jankee Bissoon Punyagandhaa Jankee Bissoon is a Biomedical Engineering graduate from the University of Birmingham. Currently, she lectures at the University of Mauritius, specializing in wind engineering, wind energy harvesting, and medical device design.
Isaac Boadu Isaac Boadu, a research assistant at the University of Ghana, specializes in management of chronic diseases, climate change issues, and food security.
Salmah Chopdat Salmah Chopdat, a Psychology graduate from the University of Witwatersrand, is dedicated to mental health research in South Africa, Namibia, and Kenya. Passionate about socio-economic inequalities, she empowers youth for holistic community well-being.
Charles Cobbinah Charles Cobbinah, an emerging social scientist and social entrepreneur associated with the University of Ghana, directs his efforts toward harnessing the transformative potential of education to propel sustainable development. Actively bridging research and community, Charles is committed to making a meaningful impact through his contributions to both academia and entrepreneurship.
Olufunke Ezekiel Olufunke Ezekiel, a Lecturer at the University of Ibadan, specializes in sustainability within food processing and biotechnology, contributing to food and nutrition security.
Obed, Akwaa Harrison Obed Akwaa Harrison, a Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach, holds an MPhil in Human Nutrition, contributing to health promotion through teaching and research.
Joshua Ibanda Joshua Ibanda, an interdisciplinary researcher and Lecturer at St. Lawrence University in Uganda, explores sustainability in African cities. His work emphasizes the role of narratives and aesthetics in urban spaces, shedding light on popular cultures and informal economies.
Lineekela Kandjengo Lineekela Kandjengo, a lecturer at the University of Namibia, explores taxonomy, biological diversity, and aquaculture, with a focus on seaweed and aquatic species.
Brendah Jeptoo Kemboi Brendah Jeptoo Kemboi, an assistant lecturer in Moi University, specializes in sustainable development with a focus on renewable energy.
Fred Kasalirwe Fred Kasalirwe, an Economist and Assistant Lecturer at Makerere University, specializes in environmental economics, health interventions, and public sector analysis.
Phumzile Mathabe Phumzile Mathabe is employed by Wits University as a Deputy Director Environmental Services with extensive experience in Infrastructure Facilities Management and Environmental sustainability. She holds degrees in Landscaping and Project management as well as a postgraduate degree in Management and an MBA.
Mawata Matukuta Mawata Matukuta, a civil engineer in Tanzania, excels in construction, leadership, and is passionate about diverse experiences.
Mimi Mhlaba Mimi Mhlaba, Operations and Partnerships manager at Wits University, merges industrial sociology and health sciences to explore socio-economic and health challenges faced by African young adults.
Thembani Mkhize Thembani Mkhize, an MSc graduate in Town and Regional Planning (Urban Studies) from the University of the Witwatersrand, is a researcher at the Gauteng City-Region Observatory. His diverse research interests span urban regeneration, community participation, sublocal governance, social cohesion, urban party politics, and critical toponymy. Mkhize’s research centers on place and street name changes in relation to party politics and political shifts in Gauteng’s three metropolitan municipalities.
Sibongile Mlotya Sibongile Mlotya, an Office Manager at the University of the Free State, focuses on sustainability in law, medical law, African political economy, and good governance.
Kenneth Mubiru Kenneth Mubiru, pursuing an MSC in Immunology and Clinical Microbiology, focuses on early detection of M.tuberculosis, contributing to TB diagnosis.
Lawrence Muku Lawrence Muku is a Civil Engineer and Lecturer at Moi University, Kenya. He has research interests in Water Resources Engineering, sustainable transportation systems as well sustainable highway engineering materials.
Idd Hasan Musa Idd Hasan Musa, an assistant lecturer at the University of Dar es Salaam, focuses on water resources management, Indigenous strategies in resource management, livelihood strategies, and climate change.
Amy Mutua Amy Mutua, a researcher with a Bachelor of Science Honours in Urban and Regional Planning, focuses on promoting sustainable development through innovative approaches, policies, and technologies.
Leckraj Nagowah Leckraj Nagowah, a Senior Lecturer at the University of Mauritius, has 15 years of teaching experience in Health Informatics, Mobile Technologies, IoT, and Software Engineering.
Yashena Naidoo Yashena Naidoo, holds a Master’s in Geoinformatics with distinction. She is a junior researcher at Gauteng City-Region Observatory and excels in spatial analysis unraveling socio-economic aspects in urban settings. Committed to open science, she prioritizes accessible data and meaningful visualizations.
Sandra Nakityo Nanyunja Sandra N. Nanyunja, an ICT Officer at Refugee Law Project - Makerere University, aims to bridge the digital gender divide for a more inclusive digital landscape in Africa.
Evariste Nsabimana Dr. Evariste Nsabimana, a Senior Dental Surgeon in Rwanda, conducts research on equitable access to quality dental care.
Gerald Nsereko Gerald Nsereko, a Graduate Fellow at Makerere University School of Psychology, specializes in Behavioral social science (HIV prevention) and positive psychology in the workplace.
Jones Odei-Mensah Jones Odei-Mensah, a senior faculty member at the University of the Witwatersrand, directs the Wits Business School’s Postgraduate Diploma in Management. His research delves into the Finance-Green Growth nexus, shaping policies for economic progress and environmental preservation in Africa.
Foster Junior Osei Foster Osei Junior, a Teaching Assistant at the University of Ghana, specializes in sustainability accounting, environmental innovation, and corporate social responsibility.
Princess Quame Princess Marie-Lois Quame, an MPhil graduate in Educational Leadership and Management, engages in Early Childhood Education, Child Psychology, and African Cultures research.
Fanny Saruchera Fanny Saruchera, an Associate Professor in Management at Wits University, conducts research in logistics, marketing, operations management, innovation, and digitalization.
Stefan Scheepers Stefanus Johannes Scheepers, a researcher at the University of the Free State, excels in academic roles and explores various aspects of education.
Philangenkosi Shabangu Philangenkosi Shabangu, a lecturer at the University of the Free State, specializes in violence, peace education, social justice, ICT in education, and restorative justice.
Constantini Sibomana Constantin Sibomana, a researcher at the University of Rwanda, focuses on evolutionary biology, promoting ecosystem adaptation through community butterfly farming initiatives.
Sendrah Sibuyi Sendrah Sibuyi, a Research Assistant at the University of Witwatersrand, focuses on sustainable development and poverty eradication.
Annet Sumba Annet Sumba, a Research Coordinator at Makerere University, focuses on Human Rights, Peace studies, Gender, and Sustainable Development, aiming to end domestic violence in Ugandan communities.
Tsalaemang Thinane Tsalaemang Thinane, a research assistant at the University of the Free State, explores the environmental impacts of digital technologies within the Campus of the Future project.
Itumeleng Tshwane Itumeleng Tshwane, a Student Advisor at the University of the Witwatersrand, holds an MSc in Geosciences, working on student support interventions.
Jesse Tukacungurwa Arch Jesse Tukacungurwa, a Lecturer at Makerere University Kampala, specializes in sustainable building design, with a keen interest in minimizing buildings' environmental impacts.
Richard van Rensburg Richard van Rensburg, a researcher at the University of the Witwatersrand, focuses on school transformation, queer identities, and qualitative research methods.
Benjamin Wairindi Benjamin Wairindi, a teaching and research assistant at Makerere University, focuses on adaptive sustainable food systems and value chains.
Priscah Wawire Dr. Priscah Wawire, a consultant and Human Health Expert affiliated with Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, focuses on One Health leadership, governance, and partnership in Malawi.
Samuel Wenyah Samuel Wenyah, Project Coordinator at the University of Ghana, specializes in circular economy, waste management, and environmental justice.
Mashford Zenda Dr. Mashford Zenda, a lecturer at Cornerstone Institute, specializes in Macro and Microeconomics, development economics, and sustainable agriculture.