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Threading Through the Collections The exhibition journeys through the collections to portray the richness of Wits Art Museum’s textiles holdings. The works, mainly from sub-Saharan Africa, span a wide geographic region and time-period. From raffia fibre to beaten-bark cloth, strip-woven to cut-pile cloth, tapestries, embroideries and appliques to indigo- and mud-dye fabrics, this exhibition explores the wide variety of textiles from Africa.
Faces, Spaces, and Tenuous Places The exhibition 'Faces, Spaces and tenuous Places' explores portraits of people and portrayals of place and space. The book artists use the structure and materiality of the book and carefully composed and manipulated images to reveal not only the state of person or place, but also the artists’ personal appreciation of and attitude to their theme. In all of the works, the role of colour and technique is key - holding power and affecting our moods and emotions.
Bettina Malcomess: Sentimental Agents Sentimental Agents is a series of moving image works embodying the entanglements of cinema within the nervous system of empire, an immersive information field of signals, light, sound and transmission. The film cycle was shot in various locations in varied formats, tracking the journey of the sentimental agent, a technician of minor histories trying to tell the story of cinema's place in the South African War, but who suffers from the neurological disorder of narcolepsy.