Andy Warhol Unscreened Exhibition
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Current exhibitions


Gabberjabbs &c: Walter Hamady and The Perishable Press Limited  

The Jack Ginsberg Centre for Book Arts presents a retrospective exhibition of the work of acclaimed and influential book artist, Walter Hamady. The founder of the award winning Perishable Press, Hamady was an artist, book designer, papermaker, poet and teacher. The exhibition features more than 125 of his artist’s books and are all part of the permanent collection of the JGCBA. Many of these high quality, beautiful handmade books were made in collaboration with authors or poets, while others are his irreverent, humorous and innovative books that he referred to as the Gabberjabbs.


Bronwyn Horne - A[chrono]mation

Bronwyn Horne - A[chrono]mation seeks to reveal how animations are constructed. Unravelling the animation techniques behind the wild kinetics of cartoon characters like the Warner Brothers’ Bugs Bunny, this innovative exhibition traces the construction of movement which is usually invisible to the audience in real-time. The exhibition also goes beneath the frames of the ‘Golden Age’ of animation, focusing on the work of directors like Chuck Jones and Jack Kinney who pushed the boundaries of animation in their era.

Paul Emmanuel Men and Monuments

Paul Emmanuel - Men and Monuments

For the past decade, in an ongoing project titled The Lost Men, renowned artist Paul Emmanuel has challenged conventions around war memorials. He has questioned which soldiers are memorialised and which erased, and the stereotypes around soldiers and masculinity. Artworks from all three iterations of The Lost Men are featured in Paul Emmanuel – Men and Monuments. The works were envisioned as ‘counter-memorials’. Large silk and voile banners serve as temporary monuments – highlighting vulnerability – an aspect of masculinity so often denied by history and society.