Andy Warhol Unscreened Exhibition
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Current exhibitions


Ross Passmoor, Hanging Assemblage 1, 2017, 2mX1,5m, Shade cloth, Garden umbrella and other found materials. 

Ross Passmoor: Afterlife

18 April - 15 July 2018

Afterlife by Ross Passmoor is a fragment of the South African multidisciplinary artist's creative Ph.D. His work examines some of the ongoing moments of making that constitute an artistic practice. Building on Tunnel Vision, a solo exhibition held at the Point of Order in 2017, the artist continues to explore  some of the ways in which discarded materials found near the artist's home can be worked with. A sense of history is thus generated through the material, as well as, a ‘rootedness’ to the spaces the artist himself frequents.

Alfred Thoba, I will respect a dying day, 1994, Oil paint on paper, 80.5 X 105cm.

Alfred Thoba: A step becomes a statement

14 March - 3 June 2018

A survey exhibition of work by Alfred Thoba, a South African artist with a distinctive style and vision that has cemented his unique legacy. The show spans four decades and represents an in-depth and overdue look at a painter, whose work chronicles major milestones in South Africa’s political history and his own personal journey.