Andy Warhol Unscreened Exhibition
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Current exhibitions


Digital Imaginaries: Premonition

25 July - 23 September 2018

Curated by Fiona Rankin-Smith and Tegan Bristow, Digital Imaginaries: Premonition is an exploration by artists who imagine and critique how globalised digital technology systems shape and shift African futures. The works on display explore questions surrounding data, knowledge and decolonisation in a globalised information society. This dynamic and thought-provoking exhibition, at Wits Art Museum, is the second leg of a three city project, which took place in Dakar, Senegal in May this year and will conclude in Karlsruhe, Germany in November.  Institutions in each city are leading separate, but linked programs. The WAM exhibition is tied to Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival, an annual festival of culture, creativity and technology.

Sabelo Mlangeni, UMKhumbi KaNoah, Sgonyela, Thembi, Ntongo, Nkosi, Enkampane, 2011, hand-printed silver gelatin print, 40x30cm.

Umlindelo wamaKholwa - Sabelo Mlangeni

27 June - 28 October 2018

Curated by Kabelo Malatsie, Umlindelo wamaKholwa features the work of multiple prize-winning and internationally exhibited Johannesburg-based photographer Sabelo Mlangeni. The mostly black and white photographs focus on two South African Zionist church communities. Umlindelo wamaKholwa demonstrates an acute awareness of the dynamics of inclusion and exclusion, of separation and subjection, identification and objectification. The works also probe the artist's own belief as much as they explore the spiritual commitments of his photographic subjects.


Beyond the Readymade

Willie Bester, South Africa. Sukungena e Bisho (Keep out of Bisho), 1992, assemblage of photomontage, paint, sacking, tin cans, coiled metal, barbed wire, mesh, found objects, 96x127x10cm. Standard Bank African Art Collection (Wits Art Museum). 


Beyond the Readymade

13 June - 9 September 2018

This exhibition examines the use of the found object - fragments or complete items that have been altered or joined to other objects to create a diverse range of artworks. It is drawn from WAM’s permanent collection. The project grew out of Dr Alison Kearney’s research for a Ph.D. in Art History. Beyond the Readymade considers how meaning and value shift when everyday objects are uprooted from daily life and transplanted onto an artwork or into a gallery or museum space. The exhibition also raises questions about the social context of the time, the viewer’s family, cultural and religious background, sex, race etc, and how the context of the object might impact the meaning and value of an object or artwork.