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Mission Statement

As an integral part of South Africa's premier academic institution, the Department of Nursing Education seeks to make a significant contribution to national health needs and international trends though excellence in teaching, research & service.

Through dynamic team work and academic development, we, the Wits Nursing Department are committed to redefining the profession of nursing through excellence in teaching, learning and research.

Our purpose:
  • To prepare nurses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels through an educational process that promotes personal and professional development for competent nursing practice of the highest quality and ethical standard.
  • To develop and sustain an educational process which is based on a co-operative learning approach to foster unity in diversity, caring, critical thinking, self-directed and life-long learning.
  • To contribute to professional knowledge and enhance evidence-based nursing practice through relevant and skilled research.
We value:
  • Human dignity, equality and freedom as fundamental to the nature of dialogue and interaction in an environment which fosters mutual trust and respect in a diversity of settings.
  • Persons as social, physical, psychological spiritual beings with the potential for self-development. The community shares the process of decision-making about health matters and are active partners in health care through collaborative activities.
  • Learners as aspiring adults with the potential for professional competence and excellence. Partnership in the learning process and the health team is fostered through a cooperative learning approach which acknowledges educational and cultural diversity.
  • An educational process which is learner centred and responsive to current and future needs of the community and the nursing profession. To this end we embrace a curriculum which reflects a Primary Health Care focus based on health priorities and a professional focus, based on professional practice priorities. Staff and students participate in problem-based, Community- Based education which is the driving force of our mission.
Our vision:

To be a recognized leader in the provision of innovative educational programmes and research which will have a positive impact on the health of the citizens of South Africa and beyond our borders.