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The Centre will conduct academically rigorous, cutting-edge research on the challenges and opportunities presented by digitalisation, particularly in the public sector.

The Centre's research will address the following set of interrelated questions:

  • What is the relationship between the government, the private sector, and civil society in digital governance? Who determines the rules of the game in the digital sphere?
  • What are Africa’s digital futures, and what role does regulation play in generating greater public value?
  • How do we ensure digitalisation contributes to the creation of public good? What is the best mix between government, business, and civil society in the governance of digitalisation? Does this mix differ with respect to different aspects of digitalisation?
  • How can digitalisation contribute to innovation in governance, public policy, and service delivery? What is the best way to implement reform (e.g. delivery, coordination, regulatory and analytical capacities) to overcome the challenges presented by digitalisation? How can Africa’s digital interest be advanced in international fora?
  • What ethical standards and framework(s) are helpful to assess policy initiatives in the area of digital governance? Do the principles of good governance need to be adopted? How do we operationalise them? Are there any new normative principles that are relevant?