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Wits University has a variety of student exchange agreements with international partner institutions. Within the context of these partnerships, students are encouraged to spend part of their studies and/or research abroad.

Live in a different city and immerse yourself in a new cultural experience.

Studying at one of Wits’ partner universities affords you an opportunity to experience a different academic environment while immersing yourself in different cultural and social surroundings. This site provides you with the most important information if you consider studying abroad for one or two semesters as a non-degree student. 

Why Study Abroad?
  • Gain international experience
  • Experience a different academic environment and a different culture
  • Enjoy the sights and sounds of the host city and country and opportunities to travel to neighbouring countries
  • Network with both students and academics from different parts of the world
  • Make lasting friendships
Am I eligible?
  • To study abroad for one or two semesters as part of your Wits degree, you must be registered at Wits. At the time of departure, you must have completed at least one year of university study and meet the academic requirements. It is not advisable to consider studying abroad in the second semester of your final year.
  • Have overall average of 60% + by the time you apply
  • If your chosen institution has a valid student exchange agreement with Wits, you can study at the institution as an exchange student. Based on reciprocity, you will register and be liable for tuition fees at Wits, your tuition fees abroad will be waived. You will need to be nominated by Wits. View the list of partnerships with other institutions here.
  • If Wits does not have a student exchange agreement with the chosen institution, you are considered an occasional student/ free mover. You will be liable for the study abroad semester fee, as per the host institution’s fees.
What can I study?
  • Study abroad opportunities are generally open to students of all disciplines (excluding Health Sciences), depending on the academic offering of the host institution. In the field of professional degrees, some limitations might apply, for example, regarding the requirements for registration with professional bodies i.e professional accounting bodies.
  • Depending on your current studies, you should generally select courses that are in line with your current year of study, i.e. if you are a second-year student at Wits, look for second-year courses at the chosen institution.
  • For information about specific courses, please consult the relevant institution’s website.
What does it cost?
  • If Wits does not have a student exchange agreement with the chosen institution, you are considered an occasional student/ free mover. You will be liable for the study abroad semester fee, as per the host institution’s fees
  • Full-time registered students at Wits on an exchange agreement receive a tuition waiver from the partner university.
  • Expenses:
    • All other expenses are for the cost of the student (e.g. visa, flights, accommodation, living costs, etc)
    • Certain partner universities or affiliated organisations do avail bursaries/ scholarships which can be utilized towards the expenses however this is not guaranteed and terms and conditions apply. 
  • Estimate of living expenses, please visit the partners universties website or contact the partner university.
Where can I study?
Soka University
Country & State: Japan; Tokyo
Faculties: Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Science and Engineering Department of Information Systems Science, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Faculty of International Liberal Arts
Semester Dates: Semester 1
Application Dates:
Chongqing University
Country & State: China, Chongqing
Faculties: Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Social Science, Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Built Environment, Faculty of Information Technology
Semester Dates:  
Application Dates:  
East China University of Science & Technology
Country & State: China, Shanghai
Faculties: Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering
Semester Dates:
Application Dates: 
Sogang University
Country & State: South Korea, Seoul
Faculties: School of Humanities and International Cultures, School of Social Sciences, School of Integrated Knowledge, School of Media, Arts, and Science, School of Communication, School of Economics, Sogang Business School (Undergraduate Program), School of Natural Sciences, School of Engineering
Semester Dates: Fall Semester: September –December; Spring Semester: March –June
Application Dates: Fall Semester 15 April; Spring Semester 15 October
Chung-Ang University
Country & State: South Korea, Seoul
Faculties: College of Humanities, College of Social Sciences, College of Law, College of Natural Science, College of Engineering, College of Business & Economics, College of Art
Semester Dates: Spring semester March – June; Fall semester Jul – Dec
Application Dates: Spring Semester Mid Apr; Fall semester 31 Oct
Curtin University of Technology
Country & State: Australia, Bentley and Perth
Faculties: Faculty of Science and Faculty of Engineering
Semester Dates: Semester 1 Feb – Jun; Semester 2 Jul – Nov
Application Dates: Semester 1 15 Nov (previous year); Semester 2 15 April
Universite Libre De Bruxelles
Country & State: Belgium, Bruxelles,
Faculties: School of Law Arts, School of Humanities, School of Languages, School of Economics, School of Management, School of Science, School of Technology, School of Sports Sciences, School of Social and Human Sciences
Semester Dates: Semester Sept – Jan; Semester Feb – Jun
Application Dates: Semester 1 18 April; Semester 2
Université Paris Nanterre
Country & State: France; Paris, Leon and Reims
Faculties: Economics, School of History, School of Humanities, School of International Relations, School of Law, School of Political Science, School of Sociology
Semester Dates: Fall Semester Aug- Jan; Spring Semester Jan - May
Application Dates:
Oldenburg University (Carl von Ossietzky)
Country & State: Germany, Oldenburg
Faculties: School of Educational and Social Sciences, School of Computing Science, Business Administration, Economics and Law, School of Linguistics and Cultural Studies, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Mathematics and Science
Semester Dates: Winter Semester Oct – Mar; Summer Semester Apr - Sep
Application Dates: Winter Semester 15 Jul; Sumer Semester 15 Jan
Leuphana University of Lueneburg
Country & State: Germany, Lüneburg,
Faculties: Faculty of Education, Faculties of Humanities & Social Science, Faculty of Sustainability, Faculty of Business & Economics
Semester Dates: Winter Semester Oct – Feb; Summer Semester Apr - Sep
Application Dates: Winter Semester 15 Jul; Summer Semester 15 Jan
Tuebingen University (Eberhard Karls)
Country & State: Germany, Tübingen
Faculties: Faculty Law, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, Faculty of Science
Semester Dates: Winter Semester Oct – Mar; Summer Semester Apr - Sep
Application Dates: Winter Semester 31 May; Summer Semester 15 Jan
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Country & State: Netherlands, Amsterdam
Faculties: Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Sciences & Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences, Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Theology, School of Business and Economics
Semester Dates: Fall Semester Sep – Feb; Spring Semester Feb - Jul
Application Dates: Fall Semester 1 Apr; Spring Semester 1 Oct
How do I apply?
  1. Contact the International Students Office (ISO) to establish the nature of the agreements we have with partner institution/s you are interested in and whether you are eligible.
  2. Check the relevant exchange partners' website or visit the International Students Office for course information.
  3. Obtain application forms from partner university website or International Students Office for partner institutions you are interested in.
  4. Match the most suitable courses at the collaborating university to your Wits curriculum for the semester you wish to apply for.
  5. Complete the  Study Abroad Outgoing Application Form.
  6. Meet with your learning and teaching advisor or relevant Wits Head of School/Department and request the relevant individual/s to complete the  Study Abroad Outgoing Course Selection Form which confirms your course selections at the partner institution and transfer of credits towards your Wits degree, should you pass the courses taken at the collaborating university.
  7. Submit the application form together with the Study Abroad Outgoing Course Selection Form as well as all supporting documentation to the International Students Office. The International Students Office will review the documents and nominate you to the partner institution.
  8. The International Students Office will forward the application form and all supporting documentation to the partner institution.  With certain partner universities, you will have to apply online or directly with the university after the nomination.
  9. The partner institution will decide on whether you can be offered a place as an exchange student and which courses you will be able to study.
  10. The partner institution will issue an Offer Letter/Acceptance Letter, which you will receive via post, email or the Internationalisation Students Office.
  11. You will meet with the relevant Faculty Registrar to ratify the exchange semester/year. Should the exchange period at the partner university overlap over two Wits academic years e.g. 2016/2017, you must make the necessary arrangements with the Faculty Registrar to be registered at the 12. beginning of the 2017 academic year. You must follow up with the Faculty Registrar closer to the registration period to ensure that you are registered for the specific academic year. 

The International Students Office cannot guarantee that all advertised opportunities will be available every semester.

Until formal written notification is received from either the partner university or the International Students Office of the success of the application, you should not deregister from any courses or cancel student housing.

Going to the host university

Make all necessary arrangements regarding travel, flight tickets, visa requirements, accommodation, vaccinations and health insurance.

  1. Information regarding visa requirements can be located on the partner university’s website and on the website of the specific embassy/consulate in SA.
  2. For information regarding all diplomatic missions in South Africa, please see the Department of International Relations and Cooperation website ( ).
  3. Information regarding accommodation options off-campus will be available on the partner university’s website.
  4. If the partner university is offering on-campus accommodation, this information is also provided to you.
  5. Should you require any assistance regarding any of the above, please contact the International Students Office or the International Office at the partner university.
  6. The International Students Office will provide continued administrative support as and when required.
Returning to Wits
  1. The partner university posts the student’s transcript to International Students Office as soon as it is ready or the student downloads his/her transcript from the partner university website.
  2. Complete a feedback form (Experience Abroad) upon return.


Ms Masego Bosilong
Programme Administrator: Study Abroad (Inbound and Outbound)
Telephone: +27 11 717 1055 | E-mail: