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Schedule / Timetable

Approach to the schedule / timetable:

  • The academic year runs from February to November, divided into four quarters.
  • As of 2024, the MUS timetable has most courses contained within one of the four quarters.
  • Classes generally take place in the late afternoon Monday – Thursday (from 16h00 – 18h30, or in a few cases from 15h00). On Friday classes may include morning and afternoon sessions.
  • All classes take a blended format, with online attendance possible for those located outside of Johannesburg.
  • Online participation is facilitated through platforms such as Teams and Ulwazi.
  • Twice a year, (in April and September in 2024), there is a full week of compulsory in-person attendance at Wits.
  • For full-time students, the courses run across one year, though the research component may continue into February of the following year.