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The African Micro-Economic Research Umbrella (AMERU)

The African Microeconomic Research Umbrella brings together South African and African researchers to conduct rigorous quantitative research on African microeconomic issues, specifically on firms and labour markets. The programme aims to produce rigorous data-driven research that is relevant for policy makers; build networks between South African, African and international researchers working on Africa; and develop research capacity for the analysis of microeconomic data.


To conduct research on SA financial markets, an extensive database is necessary. The Finance academics at SEF created and developed a database, called Findata@Wits. This database is clean of all corporate actions since 1987 and has enabled much of the research in the field of finance. Wits is unique in this regard as no other university has developed a comparable South African database in the field of finance.

The Institutions and Political Economy Group (IPEG)

The Institutions and Political Economy Group (IPEG) promotes the study of the relationship among institutions, organisations and markets through the simple principles of economic reasoning. It applies the insights generated by institutional, organisational, political and public economics to issues pertaining to economic performance through time.

The Macro-Finance Analysis Group (MFAG)