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SEF Head of School

Uma Kollamparambil

Head of the School of Economics and Finance
New Commerce Building (NCB) 115
Research interests: Economics of wellbeing, migration, inequality and foreign direct investment 
SEF Economics Division

Prudence Kwenda-Magejo

Head of the SEF Economics Division
New Commerce Building (NCB) 226
Research interests: Labour, poverty and inequality issues

Sedjro Alovokpinhou

Senior lecturer (Dr)
+27 11 717 8190
New Commerce Building (NCB) 245
Research interests: Macroeconomics and Finance Related Issues

Nasreen Ameen

New Commerce Building (NCB) 231

Miracle Benhura

Associate Professor
New Commerce Building (NCB) 204
Research interests: Labour and development (applied microeconomics)

Fatima Bhoola

New Commerce Building (NCB) 250
Research interests: Economic growth and macroeconomic volatility

Frikkie Booysen

PPS Chair in Health Economics
New Commerce Building (NCB) 242
Research interests: Health Economics more generally, with a focus on health inequalities, the socio-economics of health, and family health and development.

Daniela Casale

New Commerce Building (NCB) 248
Research interests: Labour economics, economic demography, gender economics, early childhood development

Kenneth Creamer

Senior Lecturer (Dr)
New Commerce Building (NCB) 257
Research interests: Monetary policy, fiscal policy, macroeconomic policy, political economy, and international economics

Chris Desmond

Derek Schrier and Cecily Cameron Chair in Development Economics
New Commerce Building (NCB) 128
Research interests: Human development, economic evaluation, and life course and health.

Greg Farrell

Adjunct Professor
New Commerce Building (NCB) 228
Research interests: Applied macroeconomics and time series econometrics

Ismail Fasanya

Associate Professor
New Commerce Building (NCB) 134A
Research interests: Macroeconomic modeling with special interest in Energy Economics and Finance

Usanda Gqwaru

New Commerce Building (NCB) 133
Research interests: Development economics and industrial policy

Tendai Gwatidzo

Associate Professor
Coordinator, African Economic Research Consortium (AERC)
New Commerce Building (NCB) 208
Research interests: Capital structure, banking sector competition, efficiency in the banking sector and access to finance

Gilad Isaacs

Lecturer (Dr)
New Commerce Building (NCB) 233
Research Interests: South Africa, Financialisation, Labour Markets, Minimum Wages, Macroeconomics

Caro Janse Van Rensburg

New Commerce Building (NCB) 201A
Research interests: History of Economic Thought, Economic History, Monetary Policy, and Feminist Economics

Rubina Jogee

New Commerce Building (NCB) 129
Research interests: Development economics, microeconomics and behavioural economics

Lyndal Keeton

Lecturer (Dr)
New Commerce Building (NCB) 200
Research interests: Public economics, intergovernmental grants, economic history of Southern Africa, institutions, workers compensation and national lottery

Dambala Kutela

Associate Professor
New Commerce Building (NCB) 203
Research interests: Development Economics, Behavioral Economics, Environmental Economics, and Economic Theory

Jérôme Lange

Senior Lecturer (Dr)
New Commerce Building (NCB) 243
Research interests: Population and Development, History of Economic Thought, Economic Systems, African Economic Thought.

Nyasha Mahonye

Senior Lecturer (Dr)
New Commerce Building (NCB) 205
Research interests: Debt, aid, institutions, financial and gender economics

Christopher Malikane

Associate Professor
Head, The Macro-Finance Analysis Group (MFAG)
New Commerce Building (NCB) 135
Research interests: Macroeconomics and finance related issues

Cyril May

Senior Lecturer (Dr)
New Commerce Building (NCB) 249
Research interests: International finance

Nobantu Mbeki

Lecturer (Dr)
New Commerce Building (NCB) 253
Research interests: Post keynesian pricing theory and post keynesian theory of the firm

Mthokozisi Mlilo

Senior Lecturer (Dr)
New Commerce Building (NCB) 202
Research interests: Macroeconomics, fiscal policy and public economics

Liberty Mncube

Associate Professor
New Commerce Building (NCB) 206A
Research interests: Competition policy, economics and industrial organisation

Lumkile Mondi

Senior Lecturer (Dr)
New Commerce Building (NCB) 255
Research interests: Development and financial economics

Nimisha Naik

New Commerce Building (NCB) 200A
Research interests: General macroeconomics

Sibulele Nkunzi

Programme Coordinator, Economic Policies in the Age of Globalisation (EPOG)
New Commerce Building (NCB) 244
Research interests: Industrial Policy, Industrialization, Political Economy of Development, The Role of the State in Economic Development, Qualitative Case Studies in the Manufacturing Sector 

Adeola Oyenubi

Associate Professor
New Commerce Building (NCB) 119
Research interests: Programme evaluation, information theory, portfolio optimization and labour market research

Dorrit (Dori) Posel

Distinguished Professor
Helen Suzman Chair in Political Economy
New Commerce Building (NCB)
Research interests: Marriage and family formation, labour force participation, labour migration, economics of language and measures of wellbeing

Kate Rich

Senior Lecturer (Dr)
New Commerce Building (NCB) 201
Research interests: Health economics, early childhood development, nutrition, economics of education, development economics

Gareth Roberts

Lecturer (Dr)
New Commerce Building (NCB) 132
Research interests: Evaluation of education and employment interventions. Behavioural experiments on information avoidance or empathy

Aylit Romm

Senior Lecturer (Dr)
New Commerce Building (NCB) 229
Research interests: Decision theory, economics of uncertainty, retirement, savings and life cycle behaviours and topics analyzing microeconomic data

Volker Schöer

Associate Professor
Head: African Microeconomics Research Umbrella (AMERU)
New Commerce Building (NCB) 131
Research interests: Job search and job matching, education intervention in primary schools and RCT in transport industry

Aldo Sitoe

Lecturer (Dr)
New Commerce Building (NCB) 206
Research interests: Public choice, organizational economics, fiscal federalism, theory of the firm and voting rules for an optimal provision of public goods

Bruno Tinel

New Commerce Building (NCB) 207
Research interests: Macroeconomics and finance: macro dynamics and public finance, public debt; History of economic thought, wage and labour relations, determinants of the division of labour, subcontracting relations

Yuxiang Ye

Senior lecturer (Dr) 
New Commerce Building (NCB) 246
Research interests: Energy economics, energy poverty, domestic energy demand


SEF Finance Division

Chimwemwe Chipeta 

Head of the SEF Finance Division 
+27 11 717 8145
New Commerce Building (NCB) 120
Research interests: Corporate finance, specifically mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, capital structure and dividend policy.

Aneesa Adam

New Commerce Building (NCB) 126

Christo Auret

New Commerce Building (NCB) 121
Research interests: Investment theory - in particular empirical validation of internationally formulated investment theory, Market efficiency, Asset pricing, Market returns, Investment management, Share market studies, Corporate finance, Dividends, Corporate governance, Commodity futures markets

James Britten

New Commerce Building (NCB) 127
Research interests: Asset Pricing and factor investment.
Associate Professor
FirstRand Chair in Financial Data Science
New Commerce Building (NCB) 227
Research interests: Asset Pricing, data Science, financial econometrics, fintech, and sustainability.

Lerato Mapela

New Commerce Building (NCB) 254

Douglas Mbululu 

New Commerce Building (NCB) 122

David McClelland 

New Commerce Building (NCB) 126A
Research interests: Asset pricing, liquidity and portfolio management.

Mosa Moletsane

New Commerce Building (NCB) 118

Delane Naidu

New Commerce Building (NCB) 125
Research interests: International Finance and Corporate Finance, specifically ownership structures, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, and foreign direct investment. 

Daniel Page

New Commerce Building (NCB) 123
Research interests: Asset Pricing, Asset Management, Investment Styles, Factor Modelling.

Yudhvir Seetharam

New Commerce Building (NCB) 124
Research interests:Behavioural finance, asset pricing, FinTech, quantitative finance and risk management. 

Gary van Vuuren

New Commerce Building (NCB) 123
Research interestQuantitative finance (including financial risk measurement and management and portfolio analysis)




Assistant to the Head of School


Ms Queelian Diphapo

+27 11 71 78082
New Commerce Building (NCB) 115

Academic and Administrative Enquiries

For 1st year and 3rd year Ecos:
Thandi Chamane

Ms Thandi Chamane

+27 11 71 78084
New Commerce Building (NCB) 107
For 2nd, 3rd year Finance, Hons Economics/ADE/Finance, Masters Ecos/Econ Sc/ADE/Health Ecos:

Ms Masego Kubu

+27 11 71 78004
New Commerce Building (NCB) A3
For 1st(theory) & 2nd year Ecos, Masters Finance and PhD (registered students only):
Molefe Rampa

Mr Molefe Rampa

+27 11 71 78112
New Commerce Building (NCB) A5

Postgraduate Administrator


Ms Ntomboxolo Duka

+27 11 71 78298
New Commerce Building (NCB) A2

Postgraduate Applications Enquiries

Kamo Nhlapo

Ms Kamo Nhlapo

+27 11 71 78074
New Commerce Building (NCB) A1

Operations Manager

Ms Mamosa Moletsane

+27 11 71 78119 
New Commerce Building (NCB) 113

Senior Finance Officer

Mr Tebogo Mmolawa

+27 11 71 78121
New Commerce Building (NCB) 118

Finance intern

Ms Lerato Mapela

+27 11 71 78504
New Commerce Building (NCB), West Campus

LAN Administrator

Mr Lucas Nkuna

+27 11 71 78078
New Commerce Building (NCB) 136
Economics Visiting Fellows
Economics visiting fellows

Oluyele Akinkugbe

Visiting Professor
Research interests: Forensic Economics, International Finance, Health Economics, Applied Econometrics, and Development Policy Analysis

Johane Dikgang

Visiting Professor 
Research interests: Environmental Policy, Environmental Valuation, Conservation Economics, Water Management and Policy, Energy and Development, Agriculture and Food Systems, Climate Change, & Efficiency and Productivity Analysis 

Megha Mukim

Visiting Adjunct Professor
Research interests: Urban Economics, Trade & Economic Geography, Industrial Organization, Development & Climate Policy

Nicolas Pons-Vignon  

Visiting Senior Fellow (Dr)
Laura Rossouw

Laura Rossouw

Visiting Senior Research (Dr)
Research interests: Economics of tobacco control, economic evaluations of health interventions, the economic impact of tobacco and alcohol use, demand-side factors related to health, and maternal, infant and child health

Mario Scerri

Visiting Senior Research (Prof)
Research interests: Systems of Innovation and economic development, Economic integration in Africa Science, technology and innovation policy

 Stefan Schirmer

Stefan Schirmer       

Visiting Associate Professor
Chris Torr

Chris Torr 

Visiting Professor
Finance Visiting Fellows
Sylvia Gottschalk
Senior Research Fellow (Dr)
Research interests: Financial Economics, Fintech, Green Finance, Applied Computational Finance, Applied Microeconomics
Michael Machokoto
Senior Research Fellow (Dr)