Registration 2023

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Register before the deadline

Most students can register online from home using the Self-Service Portal and are encouraged to register off-campus.

Should you be unable to complete your registration online, or if you need assistance such as curriculum counselling, you may register on campus at Assisted Registration.

Each faculty has specific dates and deadlines for both Online and Assisted Registration (click here to see the dates). You must complete your registration within these times, or your offer may be withdrawn. The University cannot guarantee a position for students who do not register on time.

Beat the queue and register online! Click here for a step-by-step guide. You will be asked for the following information during online registration:

  • Confirmation of Personal Details
  • Medical Aid details where applicable
  • If you wish to be considered for a funding opportunity, an indication of your annual household income
  • If your curriculum is flexible, the courses you wish to register for.
  • Should you require parking, please apply for a Parking Permit on the self-service portal.

Should you be unable to register online, or if you have special requirements, you may register on campus at Assisted Registration on the specific dates for your Faculty - click here to see the dates that have been set aside for your faculty. Remember to bring your ID document with you to Assisted Registration.

You will be able to collect your student card and parking permit at Assisted Registration. The Fees, Financial Aid & Scholarship Office, International Students Office, Faculty, and Student Enrolment Centre are available at Assisted Registration.

Once enrolled, you will be able to access more functionality on the Self-service Portal, such as proof of registration as well as your timetable.

Click here for online and assisted registration dates

After registration, collect your student card.