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Vision, Mission, Values

The School of Oral Health Sciences endeavours to promote oral health throughout South Africa’s diverse population by training undergraduate dentists and oral hygienists as well as post graduate dental specialists. The Wits Oral Health Centre offers affordable health care to all individuals at any age. Dental care is provided by our undergraduate students who are under the close supervision of our experienced faculty members. The Postgraduate programmes allow patients the opportunity of acquiring specialist oral and dental care, including advanced oral rehabilitative procedure such as facial reconstruction.

The school strives to be at the cutting edge research aimed at improving behavioural and clinical oral health through research programs at both undergraduate level as well as postgraduate and Faculty levels.

Objectives of the school include identifying prospective oral health professionals from our diverse population, equipping these individuals with the highest standards of teaching; incorporating knowledge, technology and skills; to ensure graduate competence. A clear vision of the school is to inculcate core values in every graduating individual which gives them a strong purpose to respect all individuals, aim for excellence, serve the community and continue the pursuit of knowledge.

To accomplish this, we will:

  • Educate our students by providing contemporary knowledge and skills that can meet the needs of the country and be competitive with international trends and best practices and demonstrate the value of a commitment to quality, professionalism, problem-solving, respect, and leadership (education);
  • Provide society with new knowledge for the promotion and improvement of oral and systemic health via research programs which are both translation and technical in the concept, implementation and relevance (research);
  • Serve our patients by offering accessible, affordable, high quality, and patient-centered clinical programs (patient care); and
  • Assist the community (local, national, global) as a health care provider, collaborative partner, education center, and academic resource for validated oral health information (public service & outreach).


The School of Oral Health Sciences holds the following core values:

  • Advancement of Knowledge – We promote the advancement of knowledge of the basic mechanisms, determinants, diagnoses, management, and prevention of oral and craniofacial diseases and conditions, and the relationship between oral and systemic health.
  • Diversity – We believe the School of Oral Health Sciences should reflect the demographics of the country at large when we consider recruitment of both students and staff. Our staff and students will be taught to work alongside people of different backgrounds, colour, economic status, gender, educational level, religious beliefs and sexual orientation to contribute towards the building of one school and one nation.
  • Excellence and Accessibility – As the premier dental school in South Africa, we provide excellent education, conduct innovative and impactful research programs, and deliver accessible, patient-centered care and service.
  • Professionalism – Our school, students, and staff must possess and exhibit the highest ethics and work collaboratively in an atmosphere of cordiality, collegiality, and professionalism.
  • Global Presence – We are proud of our international reputation of excellence and continuously seek to expand and improve our global outreach in education, research, patient care, and public service.
  • Innovation – We continuously seek to identify the problems and solutions that impact oral and systemic health. We thrive on creativity and entrepreneurship as critical elements in the successful attainment of our mission and goals.
  • Humanitarianism and Philanthropy – We seek to improve the oral health of those who do not have access or do not have the means to afford care. We will take out students and staff out into communities where the realities of the effects of the social determinates that affect oral health care are seen so that our students can make clinical decisions in “real-world” environments.
  • Lifelong Learning – It is our duty to provide resources for the dissemination of the ongoing advancements in knowledge to the profession and public we serve locally, nationally, and globally.
  • Batho Pele Principles - we will adhere to the Batho Pele principles as regards patient care at all our facilities where we offer clinical services.