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We are presently involved in research including: 

  • CAD-CAM milling, Scanning accuracies, and Ceramics 
  • Finite Element Analysis regarding the behaviour of dental implants, superstructures, and materials  
  • Optimal cementation techniques, adhesives, and marginal fit 
  • The effectiveness of magnification in prosthodontics 
  • Outcome measures in fixed and removable prosthodontics 
  • Cone Beam accuracy 
  • Cross infection in prosthodontics 
  • Studies on the MB2 canal in first molar teeth using CBCT 
  • Assessing the quality of Endodontic treated by undergraduate students at Wits 
  • Root canal transportation using different systems 
  • Comparing obturation in teeth with different systems and geometry 
  • Photobiomodulation and stem cell therapy for TMJ disorders 
  •  Investigating the effect of contamination on bond strengths of composite to dentine 


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