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Academic Programmes

Undergraduate courses: 

BDS III, introduction to Periodontology 

In BDS III, the undergraduate dental students are introduced to the discipline of periodontology. This includes knowledge of the supporting tissues of the teeth or their substitutes, in health and in disease. All factors which contribute either to the maintenance of health, or to the onset and progression of diseases of these tissues. It further enables them to develop the skills, dexterity, and dedication to assess the general oral and periodontal health status of their patients in order to formulate and record basic management plans. Towards the end of third year, students work in pairs to treat simple Periodontology patients with full supervision.  

BDS IV: Periodontology I and Oral Medicine I 

At the beginning of their 4th year of study, students work individually with patients that they started seeing in third year. As they gain confidence, they can potentially treat Periodontal cases from beginning to end with supervision. The treatment plan for the patients includes management of infective periodontitis cases. In addition, they receive didactic components of the Oral Medicine component in their 4th year of study. 

BDS V: Periodontology II and Oral Medicine II 

In BDS V of study, students perform non-surgical management of infective periodontitis with minimal supervision. Patients that require surgical management are referred to the post graduate clinic for further management. Student rotate in the postgraduate oral medicine clinic where they receive exposure in the pharmacological and non-pharmacological management of oral medicine conditions. 

Postgraduate programmes 

Master of Dentistry (Oral Medicine and Periodontics) 

The specialty includes both Oral Medicine and Periodontology. They are considered both individually and collectively in the training towards practicing as an Oral Medicine and Periodontics specialist.  

Master of Science in Dentistry (MSc): Oral Medicine, Periodontology, Implantology 

MSc Dent by coursework and research (Oral Medicine and Periodontology) and implantology. 

The part I of the module consist of the following course: Applied Anatomy, Physiology, Applied Pathology for Dentists and Research Techniques. 

Part II consists of research report and satisfactory performance in any one of the three course as per student choice (Oral Medicine, Periodontology and Implantology)