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About Us

History of the Department of Oral Biological Sciences

The Department of Oral Biological Sciences was previously known as Experimental Odontology (EXPD). The Department was merged with the Department of Oral Microbiology in 2013 to form a Department of Oral Biological Sciences. Two other divisions, Dental Material Sciences and Oral Cell Biology were incorporated into the Departmental structure.  


The mission of this department is to conduct high quality research, provide high calibre teaching and excellent service delivery.

The Department of Oral Biological Sciences comprises of three units, namely Dental Material Sciences, Oral Microbiology, Cell Biology.


  • To provide high calibre teaching to undergraduate students in dental materials, oral microbiology and anatomy.
  • To conduct multidisciplinary research in the fields of Dental Materials, Oral Microbiology and Oral Cell Biology.
  • To provide an outstanding academic platform in which postgraduate students are empowered to fulfil the requirements of MSc and PhD in Material Sciences, Oral Microbiology and Oral Biology.
  • To offer service delivery to clinics in the Wits Oral Health Centre