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The department is favorably placed by having within its course a variety of courses that allow for research activity in areas of Radiology, including CBCT, as outlined in the research section below. The GDP team also has special interest in education & ethics enabling our research activity ability to explore a variety of important topics in contemporary dental care, particularly focused on General dental practice.


  • Oral and radiographic features of Majewski osteodysplastic dwarfism; a case Report (The South African Radiographer, 2022)
  • A retrospective report on additional reprints of extra-oral radiographs at the Wits Oral Health Centre (SADA Journal)
  • Determining the accuracy of a cone-beam computed tomography machine for measuring the dimensions of enamel and dentine (SADA Journal)
  • McCune-Albright Syndrome: A case report with a radiological review(a secondary(The South African Radiographer, 2020)
  • The value of Cone-Beam Computed Tomography in General Dental Practice (SADA Journal)
  • Ameloblastoma: Does the Radiological appearance correlate with histology (SADA Journal)
  • Supernumerary teeth: An Indicator of Systemic Diseases (SADA Journal)
  • Radiological Pitfalls Encountered in Dental Practice
  • Incidence of Carotid Artery Calcifications and potential Eagle’s Syndrome in patients seen at School of Oral Health Sciences (2015)
  • A comparison of some commonly utilized Temporomandibular Joint Imaging Techniques (2014)
  • Radiographic Assessment of Multiple Pathoses and Dental Malocclussion (SADA Journal)
  • Assessment of Accuracy of Panoramic view as compared to CBCT view in TMJ imaging (SADA Journal)

Seminar Presentations

  • The effects of Dentine Contaminations on the shear Bond Strength of a self-etching adhesive and nanocomposite Dr V Soni (IADR 2018)
  • Location of mandibular foramen on adult black South African population:  Morphometric study. Dr K Tshite (Poster presentation; IADR, Cape Town 2016)
  • School of Oral Health Sciences Research: a retrospective report on additional reprints of extra-oral radiographs at WOHC (Wits University, 2017)
  • Technologies in Dental Radiography: Gauteng Department of Health Radiography seminar (Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital,2018)
  • Use of social media in healthcare: Ethico-legal considerations. Dental Practitioners Association Annual Conference (Durban,2018)
  • Managing change in the Healthcare sector. Northwest Annual Dental Conference (Mahikeng, 2019)
  • Panoramic and Cephalometric Radiography: A Dental Eye Advancement of Dental Radiography: CBCT
  • A retrospective report on additional reprints of extra-oral radiographs at WOHC (IADR, 2019)