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Exciting prospects for high-dimensional entanglement control

- WitsQ

Our research is on the cover of the October issue of the journal, Advanced Quantum Technologies.

Advanced Quantum Technologies featuring research by Professor Andrew Forbes et al - WitsQ

Research by Professor Andrew Forbes, Director of WitsQ and Director of the Structured Light Laboratory in the Wits School of Physics, and colleagues was published on the front cover of the journal, Advanced Quantum Technologies.


Quantum entangled states are often produced by pumping a non-linear crystal with a Gaussian beam and then measuring the entangled photons in some basis. In article number 2100066, Nicholas Bornman, Andrew Forbes and co-workers show how to deterministically alter the pump light's shape for a desired output quantum state, expressed in any spatial mode basis (pattern of light). Because there are an infinite number of possible structured light patterns, their use for creation and detection of quantum states opens exciting prospects for high-dimensional entanglement control.

To read the paper, Optimal Pump Shaping for Entanglement Control in Any Countable Basis, go to: