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Upgrade your skills


Wits Plus, the Centre for Part-Time Studies, offers working professionals a unique opportunity to upgrade their qualifications and improve their skills profile.

Wits Plus has launched a number of online short certificate courses in partnership with DigitalCampus. This means that you can study anywhere and when it best suits you. Successful students are awarded Certificates of Competence, fully accredited by Wits University.

Click here to explore all the available online courses.

We understand that professionals and more mature adults need their studies to fit in with their lifestyle or career, so Wits Plus also offers the following via evening classes on the Wits West Campus:

Career-oriented SHORT COURSES 

General Management | HR Management | Labour Relations | Marketing | Financial Management | Project Management | Logistics | Supply Chain Management | Auditing | Insurance | Investment | Law

Quality undergraduate DEGREES 

Wits Plus offers BA and BCom degrees on a part-time basis, which are equal to the full-time qualifications at the University.

Note that if you already have a degree, you have the option to register for additional degree courses as an ‘occasional student’ and build your professional profile further.

Contact details:

Tel: 011 717 9510

Wits Plus information mornings: 17 September, 22 October, 19 November. More information