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Degree Courses

General Bachelor of Arts and Commerce degrees, as well as selected BSc degrees are available on a part-time basis.

The BA and BCom qualifications are equal to the qualifications of students who study full-time at the University, but with the added advantage of flexibility and career directed studies suited to full-time working professionals and more mature adults.

The BA and BCom degrees usually require three years of full-time study. Students who study part time towards these degrees will take 4 to 6 years to complete their studies, depending the number of courses they enrol for and pass in a single year.

This should not deter you. Spending 5 years on a qualification that will change your life, open doors for you, allow you to build a new career and even provide access into postgraduate studies should be seen as an investment. Many full-time students require four (4) years to complete their degrees. Five years is therefore a very realistic timeframe. 

A part-time degree is an investment in yourself and your success in life. Your earning capacity rises significantly as a graduate. You add value to the economy and to your employer’s business. Consult with your employer or the company Human Resources department about possible company financial support, loans or a company bursary to contribute towards or pay for your fees. 


(Terms of payment are in accordance with the University regulations and part-time students are not eligible for university bursaries or residential accommodation.) 


For registration, which takes place in January, students are required to pay an upfront deposit. This fee forms part of the tuition costs and is therefore not an additional charge.

Please note you also have to pay the course note fee, which varies from course to course.  

There are no additional charges for exams or the use of the Wits Plus computer lab.

Textbooks are at your cost and could cost as much as R3,000 per course.  Although they may seem expensive, they are tools for life. 

Full information on the method of payment of the application fee can be found on the online application form.


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