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Wits enables employable graduates

- Wits University

The Recruiters’ Breakfast attended by industry recruiters widens opportunities for Wits graduates.

The Counselling & Careers Development Unit (CCDU) at Wits has for a long time nurtured relationships with organisations that regularly recruit Wits graduates.

At a Recruiters’ Breakfast held on 17 May CCDU shared the University’s Career Services Strategy and vision with recruiters at these organisations, senior members of the University, and student representatives.

The aim of the breakfast session was to enhance collaboration with these potential employers and to understand their needs when recruiting graduates.

CCDU strives to infuse career and professional development into campus culture by enhancing student awareness of the job search process and the world of work. The unit executes a graduate recruitment programme to increase employer engagement with students through using technology to better connect and expand access to career and industry resources.

“Our university attracts the most academically gifted students in the most unequal society in the world. It is our responsibility as an institution to help shape, explore, and broaden the boundaries of their possibilities, to graduate a resourceful and resilient student body that are active citizens in society and who are ready to make a meaningful contribution not only to your organisation, but to the world,” said Jerome September, Dean of Student Affairs, when addressing recruiters at the breakfast.

There is a parallel between the workplace and campus life depending on the approach to academic studies. Campus is not only for accruing academic and technical knowledge and skills, but also an opportunity to hone soft skills by engaging with students from different backgrounds. Student societies, sports clubs and resident life play a role in building a work-ready graduate who has the potential to achieve career success even before entering the workforce.

Witsies can access various career development services at CCDU that can enhance their job searching skills. Services include learning how to draft a CV, having job application cover letters reviewed, and interview preparation assistance, including a free mock interview session. Students also have access to career coaching, career pathing, and career counselling in preparation for interviews as well as an entrepreneurship awareness development programme through the Journey to Employability Programme.

“This session was very useful and offered a great networking opportunity for us and members of our society. I cannot wait to go back with all the knowledge and contacts to share with our members,” said Emihle Tshangana, School of Economics and Finance Student Council Chairperson.

Witsies are encouraged to join the Journey to employability (JEM)  on ULWAZI to see career development offerings such as workshops, presentations, and resources to prepare for the job search process and the world of work.