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Covid-19 Update 84: Over 30 000 vaccination certificates uploaded

- Wits MVax Operations Committee

The academic programme began in earnest today and it was fantastic to see students in class again and staff back on campus.

Our objective is to ensure that our community is protected as far as possible from COVID-19, and one way in which to do so is by ensuring that people are vaccinated as quickly as possible.

Thank you to all members of the Wits community who have uploaded their vaccination certificates – we surpassed the 30 000 mark over the weekend (almost 70% of students and about 75% of staff uploaded their certificates). The uploads continue to roll in, as we approach 1 March. Our vaccination site has also been incredibly busy, with hundreds of vaccinations administered every day. We predict that over 500 people will be vaccinated on-site tomorrow.

Members of the Wits community who elect not to vaccinate on Constitutional or medical grounds, must apply for reasonable accommodation via the Wits MVax Portal. Some applications are still being processed at the faculty and other levels, and others are serving before the MVax Appeals Committee. Staff and students who have applied for reasonable accommodation and who are awaiting the outcome of their applications will have access to campus pending the outcome of the applications or appeals process. Reasonable Accommodation does not apply to students and staff living in Wits’ residences.

Everyone is required to complete the revised LogBox COVID-19 screening application every day, which takes only seconds to complete. Campus Protection Officers will conduct spot checks at entrances to ensure that people continue to complete the screening tool.

Continue to abide by Wits’ COVID-19 protocols – wear a mask, stay in well-ventilated areas, vaccinate, complete the LogBox screening form on the app, keep a social distance of at least 1,5 metres and sanitise regularly.