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Covid-19 Screening Tool

Information pertaining to the screening of staff and students entering University campuses and premises.

Government Directives pertaining to Covid-19 obligate employers to implement a Covid-19 Screening Tool to ensure that employee / student health condition is monitored.

In view hereof,

  • Staff / students must use the Covid-19 Screening Tool on a daily basis to monitor whether they are showing any Covid-19 symptoms. 
  • This must be done before staff / students leave their homes to come to Campus.
  • If you are unable to do the screening electronically, you must complete the Screening Tool manually before leaving home and comply with the instructions set out therein.
  • Staff / students must please provide these manually completed forms or the reply from the online tool to the security staff at the Campus access gates before being granted entry to the University's premises.
  • Security staff will then forward these forms to Campus Heath and Wellness Centre.