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Data Access for 2023

Wits is providing students with data to access services required for their online learning requirements. This will be available via their preferred service provider from this list: CellC, MTN, Telkom, and Vodacom. The data offering has a maximum data usage of 20 Gb per month anytime data and 20 Gb night time data via one service provider only.

Students residing in an official University residence are not eligible to receive the data packages as they have access to the existing Wi-Fi connectivity on campus and in residences. Students registered for Occasional Studies are also not eligible to receive the data.

To make use of these services, each student must ensure they have filled in the “Maintain Mobile Data Number” form on and provide the Cell Number on which they would like the data provided. Data is allocated once a month, using the number saved on the portal on the morning of the first Tuesday of the month. Students should allow four to five working days thereafter for the data to load.

Each student will also need to install and use the Wits DataBundle VPN ( For more details about how to install and run the DataBundle VPN students should consult the How to Guides below.

The DataBundle VPN makes it possible for students to visit links approved by Wits. For the full list of approved Wits links click here. If the site required for learning at Wits is not listed, please consult with the course Lecturer. The list contains the two types of links: ones that are free to use and won’t consume data (zero-rated); and ones that will consume data from the bundle provided. To visit links that are not on the approved list, the student would need to have personal data available and switch off the VPN before accessing the link.

We also encourage each student to consult with their service provider on how to monitor data usage and to use this data wisely.

We are aware that some Vodacom / CellC subscribers are experiencing problems connecting to ulwazi. Ulwazi is best accessed using a 4G data connection. 

Checking Network Coverage for your Residential Area

Check the network coverage and connectivity in your residential area, by clicking on the preferred Mobile Network Operator’s (MNO’s) coverage map link below:  

How-to guides

Download and install the CISCO AnyConnect Mobile Client VPN app on your device.

Data Provisioning Timeline

Kindly familiarise yourself with the cut-off dates for monthly data requests and the expected timeline in which you may receive your monthly data.

Data Saving Tips