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Research within MCB is wonderfully varied. Staff members collaborate with scientists from Israel, Germany, USA, France and Japan to unravel the mechanisms that regulate expression of genes that a play a role in cancer and innate immunity; investigate the degradation of environmentally harmful substances and characterise the antibiotic resistance genes from Mycobacteria and to conduct investigations of the genetic changes that have produced the enormous diversity of plant form and function.

URC Protein Structure-Function Research Unit

Members of the URC Protein Structure-Function Research Unit are investigating the structural organisation, folding and stability, mechanisms of molecular recognition and biological functions of several protein systems including detoxification and ligand-binding proteins (e.g. the supergene family of glutathione transferases) and HIV proteins. 

Cell Biology

Cell Biology research aims to understand the cellular events that trigger gene expression in relation to cell growth, differentiation and control.

Microbiology and Biotechnology

Members of the Microbiology and Biotechnology field are involved in collaborative research in cassava addressing its genetic engineering, food quality, pest and disease resistance traits.

Other research programmes include fungal biotechnology, applied food microbiology, virology, bacteriology, and invertebrate/plant pathology.