Machine Learning, Data Science, AI and Robotics

Machine Learning, Data Science, AI and Robotics
Machine Learning, Data Science, AI and Robotics
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Leading Innovation in Africa

Data scientists and machine learning specialists are in high demand. The evolving nature of innovations powered by AI means that those involved will be able to drive change at every level of society. Researchers in this area will help solve problems facing society locally and internationally, and drive innovations that will impact how future generations use technology. The potential benefits of this technology are wide and numerous, but realising them presents deep scientific and engineering challenges. The fields of AI, data science, robotics, machine learning, and other related fields offer great opportunities for South Africa and Africa to play a part in developing and innovating solutions and shaping them to deal with our realities. We aim to be at the forefront in one of the most important pursuits of modern science. 


MSc: Artificial Intelligence

AI has the potential to completely modify society, government and the economy impacting the individual, the entrepreneur and large scale enterprise equally

MSc: Robotics

The programme is tailored to understanding how robots perceive the world, build models and plans, and take actions to manipulate their environment.

Postgraduate Diploma in Science in the field of Data Science

Introducing candidates to the practice of Data Science covering the scientific foundation, programming skills, domain specific data analytics and ethical and legal frameworks through online lectures. No computer science or university-level mathematics required.

MSc: Data Science

Experts in this field have the ability to acquire extensive domain knowledge while navigating the societal, legal and ethical constraints of their environments.

MSc and MA: e-Science

These programmes aim to train postgraduate students in the use of statistical methods to conduct data-driven research in their field.

Postgraduate Diploma in Science in the field of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Learn all you need to make a success of technical innovation and entrepreneurship.