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Studying Law at Wits

Our study programmes are highly prized in the marketplace for high standards of academic excellence and practical relevance. The wide range of subjects taught by acknowledged experts allows students to develop themselves into world-class legal specialists.

Course Options

BCom Law

The specialised BCom with Law degree is suitable for students who are interested in a specific field in business but who also wish to have a background in law. Students choose one BCom major with Law as second major.

BA Law

The BA with Law encourages critical and independent thinking, is challenging and thought provoking. Students choose one BA major with Law as second major.

Our BCom Law and BA Law degrees are ideal for students coming to university from matric. Students gain a breadth of knowledge across disciplines. Law subjects are studied gradually, allowing students the necessary time to get to grips with the rigour of legal study. Students who wish to enter the legal profession can follow a BCom Law or BA Law degree with the two year LLB.

If you want to work in corporate law, either for a law firm or in the legal department of large organisations, you should do a BCom(Law) with a second major in Finance, Management, Accounting, Taxation, or any other BCom major.

If you want to work in human rights law, family law, constitutional law, or international law, you should begin your legal studies with a BA(Law) and pair this with courses like politics, sociology, economics, or languages.


The two-year stream:  Students enter this stream when they decide to complete a BA (Law) or a B Com (Law) before entering the LLB. Since students are given credit (totalling not more than 50% of the credits for the LLB) for the law courses completed in the BA or B Com degrees towards the LLB, they can complete the LLB in two years.

The three-year stream: Students enter this stream after having completed a bachelor's degree without doing any law courses. Since they have had an opportunity to develop their critical and analytical skills in a first degree, they are equipped to deal with legal studies in an effective manner and may finish the LLB in three years.

Four-year LLB: Students enter this stream directly from matric.

Although a shorter route to obtaining an LLB degree, this stream incorporates a heavy legal workload. Students considering the four-year stream should also consider the diversity of skills and approaches they would encounter by pursuing a BA or BCom degree followed by an LLB. Entrance to this stream is limited.