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Undergraduate Services


students at Great Hall

Services offered

  • Provision of academic transcripts
  • Processing of Amendments
  • Updating of student information
  • Special concessions and progress reports

Part-time studies

For any information regarding part-time study in the Faculty of Humanities, please visit Wits Plus

Fees Office notice

  • The University will only accept bank-guaranteed cheques as one of the alternative methods of payments. Direct deposit, credit/debit cards and EFTs are the preferred methods of payments.
  • Has your email address been submitted to the fees office? If not please update by sending an email to to receive your fee account electronically.
Deferred Exams Timetable

Registration for returning students takes place during January of each year via an Online Registration process.

  • Should you wish to cancel your registration complete the cancellation of enrolment form
  • Please refer to the Faculty or Fees office booklets for Fee implications.

All general BA students and BEd students must attend Curriculum Counselling sessions on Campus before enrolling online.



Examinations occur in June and November of every year.  For more information on Examination Procedures, please visit the Exams and Graduations Office.

Deferred Examinations

  • Students are required to apply for deferred examinations online via the student portal.
  • Should you be unable to access the student portal you may collect the application form at the faculty office. 
  • The form must be completed and returned to the faculty office within 3 days of the examination missed.
  • Once a decision is made, the student will be notified via their i-wits e-mail and it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they have access to their e-mail account.
Extra Time 
  • Students are required to apply directly with the Disability Rights Unit (DRU) via this online form.
  • Once the application has been assessed and approved by Campus Health, the student will need to submit the approval letter to the Examinations and Graduation Office (EGO).
Note: These are subject to any requirements of the Oracle system

Examination Clashes 

Please note that in order to accommodate a student with clashes in a special venue, the student is required to complete a form at the Examinations and Graduation Office (EGO). 

Examination Results

All results for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students are available via the student self-service portal or Wits Student Email.

Progress Reports

Progress Reports 

The Faculty extracts progress reports for students who were successfully readmitted via the Wits Readmissions Committee (WRC) with Conditions, in order for the Faculty to guide readmitted students appropriately and to ascertain if satisfactory student academic progress is being met. 

Returning students may also request progress reports per quarter at the Faculty Registrar's Office if so required, the progress report takes up to two days to order via the system.  Progress reports may not be requested later than 30 October each year due to commencement of the exam period and ratification of results by the end of year board of examiners.

If there are no recent results available for one or more of your subjects then the relevant Department representative will need to specify so on a progress report form. 

Please log into your i-Wits email account as we will contact you should there be any concerns or developments.
For curriculum advice, please contact: Ms

Amendments and Concessions

Closing dates for 2020 amendments are as follows:

  • First term amendments: tba
  • Second term amendments: tba
  • Once the closing date has passed, courses may only be dropped* for the Second term as per Rule 5.9.2 p. 12 "...a student may not cancel his/her registration for a particular course less than one month prior to the start of the final examination session in which the assessment for that course is held".  However, fees will be payable after the amendment period.  *Keep in mind that you need a certain number of points (depending on your Year of Study) to pass your year. 
  • Amendment dates are available at the Faculty Office but are standardly the first two weeks of the first semester and the first two weeks of the second semester. 
  • Cancellation charges for late amendments and cancellations are laid out in the fees booklet.

NO amendments will be accepted after above-mentioned closing dates.

  • Amendments received during the above-mentioned dates will be processed on a daily basis. Please check with the Faculty at 12H00 of the following day to see if your amendment has been successfully processed.
  • Ensure that your units are not clashing on the timetable. Faculty will not be able to register you if there are clashes on your timetable.
  • Check your iWits e-mail address for all correspondence for example: registration confirmation letter, examination results and registration information.
  • You are NOT allowed to attend classes in units that you are NOT enrolled for and thus you must confirm that amendments are done before attending any new class.
  • Amendments to personal details forms will be available from the Faculty Office - Room 7, South West Engineering Building, you may also download the form Amendment Form
  • Please read the Faculty Rules and Syllabus and Fees booklets provided to you and please ensure that you are familiar with the specific closing dates as set out in the  2020 Fees Data.
  • Amendment  to enrolment (courses and/or units) forms will be available from the Faculty Office during the Amendment periods only. 

For Curriculum Counselling during amendment week please see*:

Ms Nompumelelo Bhengu in Room 2 South West Engineering Building, Ground Floor

Please e-mail for an appointment.

Special Concessions

Special Concessions refer to special permission requested from the Faculty for changes to study that are not part of the current curriculum.

Examples of such concessions
  • Concurrent enrolment at two universities
  • concurrent enrolment in two faculties
  • completion of one outstanding unit (two modular courses) at another South African university,
  • Enrolment for more than eight modular courses in the academic year
  • Enrolment for a course for the third time
  • Enrolment for a course not forming part of the curriculum.
Application for Special Concessions

Click on Special Concession Form to download the application for special concessions form. Please note that once a decision is made you will be notified via your I-Wits e-mail account. 

Request for an Academic Transcript / Record

Please click Transcript Form 2020 to download the request form for an academic transcript/record.  Please send the completed form back to us with your Proof of Payment*  to the email address indicated on "page 2" of the form.

*1 FREE Transcript is given after Qualification (upon request) as well as after Graduation (automatically sent to the last address we have on record for you - therefore it is important to make sure we have your correct contact details).