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South African undergraduate medical students electives in Wits-affiliated teaching hospitals

Application procedures for South African undergraduate medical students seeking a temporary placement/elective clinical rotation in our teaching hospitals.



Students should have completed 3years of basic science training, ie fourth year students. Minimum elective rotation is 4weeks and maximum rotation is 8weeks.


Please submit the following documents:

  • Download elective application Form A. Please TYPE the information for clear legibility.
  • Proof of HPCSA registration.
  • A short Curriculum Vitae (2pg maximum)
  • A short letter of recommendation from your Faculty/Medical School
  • A clear photocopy of your current passport/ID
  • Two copies of ID photos


Please send all these forms as a single scanned copy (1 pdf file) or send through post/courier to the Elective Office (see address in the "Contact information" menu on your left).

Elective applications must be sent at least 2 months prior to your elective start date (prior to your start month)

It is only on receipt of your completed application forms that the actual application procedures may be set in motion. PLEASE NOTE: The Wits Faculty of Health Sciences will not take any responsibility for delayed deliveries via the SA Postal Service or any other courier company. We can only start processing your application when we actually receive it and this two month period will start from that date.

Please note: NO monies are required to accompany your elective application.