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Worksheets available include:

Primary School Intermediate High School
A visit to the optometrist in 1920 primary school Ibn Sina Ayurveda
Bloodletting Sangomas and traditional healing Chinese traditional medicine
Chinese traditional medicine primary school   Comparing medical practise
Doctors surgery c 1900   Homeopathy
Homoeopathy primary school   Malaria
Identify the objects in the museum   Medicine through the ages
Iron lungs   Poliomyelitis
Laennac stethescope   Scientific medicine
Malaria in context   Tara Rokpa
Medicine through the ages   Tibb medicine
Nose Shaper   Traditional healers
Poliomyelitis   Western herbal medicine
Sangomas and tradtional healing    
Scientific Medicine    
Tara Rokpa    
Tibb medicine    
Western herbal medicine    
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