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Academic Staff


Archaeology Division
Prof. Sarah Wurz

Head of Division. Middle Stone Age, Archaeomusicology, Stone Age cognition, Archaeological heritage management

Prof. Amanda Esterhuysen

Historical Archaeology, Palaeoecology, Education, The impact of mining & development on heritage
Chair: Origins Centre. 

Dr Jerome Reynard

Zooarchaeology, Bioarcheology, Khoisan descendant and Slave heritage

Dr Thembi Russell

Radiocarbon databases, Rock Art, Neolithic. Curator

Prof. Karim Sadr

Later Stone Age Archaeology

Dr Alex Schoeman

Archaeology of: African farming, Ritual, Gender, Last 2000 years in southern Africa & Interaction between farmers and hunter-gatherers

Dr Christine Sievers


Prof. Dominic Stratford


Geography Division
Prof. Stefan Grab

Head of Division. Climate Change/Geomorphology

Dr Elhadi Adam

GIS and Remote Sensing

Dr Sian Butcher

Human Geography

Dr Mary Evans

Climate Modelling

Prof. Jennifer Fitchett

Climatology, Palaeoclimates, Climate Change

Prof. Jasper Knight

Quaternary and Holocene environmental change, geomorphology and sedimentary systems; climate change

Dr Stefania Merlo

GIS and Remote Sensing

Dr Raeesa Moolla

Climatology and Air Quality

Dr Melanie Samson

Human Geography

Prof. Mulala Simatele

Environmental Management and Sustainability

Prof. Craig Sheridan

Water provisioning; water quality

Dr Cletah Shoko

Remote sensing; GIS; Geospatial modelling; Surface hydrology; Spatial ecology

Dr Alex Wafer

Urban geography and economic geography

Honorary Staff and Professors Emeritus
Dr Cheryl Chamberlain

Geography Education/Environmental Education

Prof. Tom Huffman

Iron Age Archaeology

Prof. Kathleen Kuman

Earlier Stone Age Archaeology

Prof. David Lewis-Williams

Rock Art, Archaeology

Prof. Lyn Wadley

Middle Stone Age Archaeology