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Using the phenomena of magnetic spin resonance, coupled with the use of injectable Gadolinium-based contrast agents, the selective thermal ablation of cancerous tissue can be performed. Currently, the stages of development of the technology are as follows:

1) Develop theory and apparatus for the testing of different contrast agents,
2) Reduction of 'background' RF heating effects,
3) Optimise frequency and agents for increased thermal energy deposition,
4) Test spatial frequency selectivity using MRI principles on tissue samples,
5) Deploy technology to a clinical setting.

To date objectives 1 and 2 have been performed by Dr Steven Dinger. The research requires development with respect to items 3 to 5.

As the technology is inherently both therapeutic and diagnostic (theragnostic) in nature, it allows clinical practitioners to efficiently treat cancer patients. The groundwork of the research has been published in PLOS One, which shows it can exist, for now, in a novel research domain.