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Distance Mode (Online) Candidates

Distance mode online studies are geared towards the experienced employed candidate with at least three years relevant work experience who do not have sufficient time for contact-based full-time or part-time studies or reside outside of the Johannesburg area. Candidates studying online for distance mode programmes are taught separately from contact-based students using an integrated Canvas URL, all online lectures are made available on Canvas Instructure site which is accessible on the link provided.

Candidates will be required to use their student email as a Google login, to access the Ulwazi site, and must ensure that their internet connectivity, browsers, and device drivers are updated. Candidates using Apple or Android devices may download Canvas Student from their Play Store to allow for better navigation.

Online distance mode live lectures take place via Zoom or MS Teams, links are made available by course lecturers to the candidates on Ulwazi, reading materials, assignments, and course feedback is also provided on Ulwazi. Candidates and staff are encouraged to use the helpful guides available on the Ulwazi/Canvas site.  

CLM Student Roles and Responsibilities

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