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How can MERL practitioners use data responsibly during the COVID-19 crisis

- Linda Raftree, Consultant, MERL Tech, and Talitha Hlaka, Communications Officer, CLEAR-AA

Over the past decade, monitoring, evaluation, research and learning (MERL) practices have become increasingly digitalized, as the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the process of digitalization.

MERL Tech and CLEAR-Anglophone Africa are working together to develop a framework and guidance on responsible data management for MERL in the Anglophone African context. As part of this effort, we held three virtual events in early June during CLEAR’s gLOCAL Evaluation Week.

At our first event on the 02nd June, Korstiaan Wapenaar, Genesis Analytics; Jerusha Govender, Data Innovator; and Teki Akkueteh, Africa Digital Rights Hub, shared tips on how to be more responsible with data.

On June 3rd, we hosted the second of three virtual events for gLOCAL Evaluation Week. At this event, we heard from Ignacio Del Busto, IDInsight; Janna Rous, Humanitarian Data; and Ayanda Mtanyana, New Leaders, on the topic of remote monitoring.

At the final event on the 4th of June, we were joined by Kwabena Boakye, Ministry of Monitoring and Evaluation, Ghana; Bosco Okumu, National Treasury and Planning, Kenya; Stephen Taylor, Department of Basic Education, South Africa; and Andrea Fletcher, Cooper-Smith.

 Watch the videos or audios below:

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