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Time Management

Realistic time planning

Time management skills can help you feel in control of your life so that you can find more free time for effective study.

  1. Structure your academic schedule as if it were a 40-hour work week.
  2. Create a calendar to write down all your regularly scheduled activities as well as any due dates for papers or exams. It is important to include time for sleep, exercise and social activity/recreation.
  3. Study time must be planned for each week. The consistency will eventually become a habit.  
  4.  Study environment (room/library etc) and optimal time of day for concentration are important.
  5. 10 minute rule - before each class take a bit of time to review your notes from the previous class and do this again after each class to "fix up" and review the notes just taken.
  6. Break large or overwhelming tasks into smaller manageable steps.
  7. Reward yourself for completing tasks. This means noting what you have accomplished even if an entire project is not complete.

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