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Adult Neurogenesis Research Group

Comparative Adult Neurogenesis Research

Prof Amadi O. Ihunwo is the Leader for the Comparative Adult Neurogenesis Research on different animal species from different taxonomy and the human brain. He was the Principal Investigator under the Switzerland-South Africa Joint Research Programme (SSAJRP) 2009 - 2014. His research is aimed at providing a database of active and potential neurogenic sites in adult vertebrate brains including humans. The investigation focuses first on South African species; for species-specific proliferation rates and time course of adult hippocampal neurogenesis during lifetime. This comparative approach describes the time course of neuronal proliferation, differentiation and integration in the hippocampus and also evaluates which periods may correspond best to the situation in the mouse. Currently with an NRF funding investigation into avian brain and integration of the new neurons into the hippocampal circuitry is underway.

Collaborator: Prof. Paul R. Manger

Technician: Mrs. Hasiena Ali


Prof. Amadi Ihunwo


Dr Ajao, Virginia, Ola and Prof Amadi

Mr. Olatunbosun Olaleye


Mrs. Haseina Ali