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Justice Sambo named one of the 100 YOUNG MANDELAS OF THE FUTURE

Dear colleagues

I am delighted to share with you that the Justice Sambo who works in the Faculty was just named one of the 100 YOUNG MANDELAS OF THE FUTURE.

Justice was an accounting student and graduated in March this year. He now works in the Faculty office. I would strongly encourage all of you to go to his website and read about his journey. His honest reflections about his struggles with depression and what he calls his “failures” are a wonderful lesson in openness and honesty for all of us. And his commitment to sharing this journey with others so that we may all benefit is a true testimony of leadership. I have repeatedly said that the students of Wits are not tomorrow’s leaders, they are today’s leaders. Justice is one of the many remarkable young people on this campus who prove my point.

On behalf of the Faculty and university leadership I would like to congratulate Justice, and to thank him for being the embodiment of the culture we are trying to build at Wits. It is truly a celebration when our young leaders get this kind of public acknowledgement.

Imraan Valodia
Dean, CLM