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2023 Yebo Gogga Yebo amaBlomo

17 - 21 May 2023

8:30 – 15:00 weekdays, 8:30 – 16:00 weekend days.

Oppenheimer Life Sciences Building, Braamfontein Campus East, Wits University

The Yebo Gogga Yebo amaBlomo exhibition is a free interactive exhibition hosted by the School of Animal, Plant and Environmental Sciences that celebrates the living planet and show cases Chemistry, Palaeontology, Geology and Microbiology. This year the theme is 'Beating the Heat' an important aspect of life, particularly when climate change results in higher temperatures. 

The earth is getting hotter How hot is too hot? It depends...Life exists at 122°C, But a humid 35°C kills  humans?? Our future, our choice.

Life exists within a limited temperature range. The upper limit for some extremophile micro-organisms is 122° C, but multicellular organisms need much lower temperatures for growth and survival. Discover how plants and animals beat the heat. Climate models predict heat waves in some places in the world may exceed human tolerance of about 6 hours at 35° C measured with a wet bulb thermometer. With high humidity we cannot cool down.

Greenhouse gasses are pushing temperatures up. The increase in Africa is double the global average. It may seem like an increase of one or two degrees would not be very noticeable, but increasing temperatures come with higher extremes. These can be very harmful to life. The chance of floods, droughts and severe storms is increased. Humanity needs new ways of living, consuming, and travelling to beat the heat. The alternative is dire.

There are 30 exhibits this year. Some that are not to be missed are the glass sided beehive where one can watch bees working, the spider club’s live spiders, minerals that glow under ultraviolet light, a display of chemistry in action and how forensics reconstructs the scene. There are frogs, dung beetles, mosquitoes, veld finds, and conservation bodies represented. Have you tasted Mopani worms? Fever tea? Held a hissing cockroach?

Weekend programme

09:00   Hissing Cockroach races, Museum Lab
Ara Monadjem ‘What are bats and how do they make our lives better'
Ara has just published a book ‘African Ark: Mammals, Landscape and Ecology of a Continent. Lecture Room 3
Ian Engelbrecht ‘Scorpions’
Ian has written a field guide to Scorpions of South Africa that has just been published. Lecture Room 3 
Both books will be on sale at the Event.
12:30 WhizzBang: Tip the temp!
13:00 Mopani pizza – a non-traditional use of a traditional favourite!
10:00 Hissing Cockroach races, Museum Lab
Lizette Koekemoer  'Recent progress in mosquito research'
Lecture Room 3
12:00 WhizzBang: Tip the temp!
13:00 Mopani pizza – a non-traditional use of a traditional favourite!