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Student Testimonials

Whether you're new to teaching (pre-service) or an experienced (in-service) teacher, completing the TEFL course is sure to be the best decision you'll ever make. You'll learn how to make your lessons completely student orientated, fun and interactive for you and your students. 

Exceptionally Valuable Instructions

To WLS Facilitators

You are a wonderful teachers/travel&career advisors with a truly engaging presence. Your practical lesson tutorials provided me with exceptionally valuable instructions. I so wish they could have been recorded. Even though my brain needed defragmenting after twelve weeks of information overload, and I was too sleep-deprived and hyped on nerves to channel what you imparted, I absorbed, and will recall, much of it over the coming days, weeks, months and beyond.

Thank you so much. 


Amazing Support

WLS Facilitators - You have been amazing teachers. No. Beyond amazing! The guidance, instruction, and support that you have provided from the first day of Week 1 will stay with me. It is the foundation on which I am building my teaching career, and it’s a foundation I trust in. 

Thank you so very much!


Exceedingly Useful Advice

WLS TEFL Team: I found the teaching practice assessments that provided to be spot on. You saw so much more than I was even peripherally aware of. I am deeply grateful that you noted every foible and every strength, then delivered relevant and exceedingly useful advice and encouragement in a kind yet straightforward fashion. 

Thank you so much!


Striving to Become a Great Teacher

Dear TEFL Team

You have made the first day of “Hell Week” a very enjoyable one. If only I’d believed it when you said we could sleep when we’re dead. All jokes aside, I have found your lesson assessments to be as beneficial and I will refer to them regularly as I strive to become a great teacher. 

Thank you. 


Step out of your comfort zone

Dear WLS- TEFL Group 

I dearly miss our classes together. 

I completely stepped out of my comfort zone to attend this course, but what I encountered ensured not only my success but also having fun along the way. The quality of our teaching by James, our lecturer, and the guidance of the other lecturer's we came in contact with was unsurpassed. The tone of each class was geared toward ensuring our success and encouraging us at all times - with lots of patience thrown in as well!

A huge thank you to WLS.


The course has been worth it

Thank you for everything! The course has been worth it thanks to trainers like you. 



Thank you

I wanted to thank you for all your guidance, patience and assistance over the past month. You have made my tefl journey quite memorable. 

All the best with the upcoming courses.