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With over 10 million South Africans speaking IsiZulu as a first language, why not break through language barriers today?

Our part-time isiZulu courses focus on teaching you how to communicate in real-life situations. Many varieties of isiZulu are spoken throughout South Africa (with variations between provinces). At Wits Language School, we teach standard isiZulu, which provides a strong basis from which to learn additional, localised vocabulary. We also cover cultural aspects  to provide a more holistic understanding of the language. 

Course Fee

The course costs R8 300.

Classes are subject to a minimum of 8 students. We reserve the right not to run a particular course in an intake if there is insufficient demand.


Each module runs for 10 weeks (40 hours) per module. There are six modules in total.


Beginner Module A: Certificate of Attendance and Progress Report
Beginner Module B: Pre-intermediate Module B: Certificate of Competence (Assessed)

Programme Overview

We offer courses at three levels:

- Level 1 (Beginner)
- Level 2 (Elementary)
- Level 3 (Pre-intermediate)

Each level consists of two 40-hour modules. Completing the Beginner level therefore takes 80 hours in total. Module A of the Beginner level provides a Certificate of Attendance only, provided you attend at least 80% of the course. From Beginner Module B, you will receive a Certificate of Competence at the end of each module, provided you achieve at least 60% overall in the module. A detailed progress report is provided at the end of each module.

*A minimum of 5 students is needed to run classes for a module.*

Entry Requirements

Please ensure you meet the following requirements when applying for the course: 

  • 18 years or older
  • Matric certificate or equivalent 
  • Placement tests are available for applicants who have previous experience of the language. (Assessment is conducted on registration) 
Application Process

Step 1: Complete the WLS Application Form  

Step 2: Certify a copy of your ID. 

Step 3: Email your completed Application form and certified copy of ID to 

Step 4: Upon receiving your invoice and confirmation of registration on the course, please send us the proof of payment.

*Note that the course must be paid upfront as we do not offer payment installments.*

Career Opportunities

isiZulu is the most-spoken mother tongue in South Africa. The AmaZulu are a proud nation, with a rich history and culture.

Aside from the personal satisfaction of learning a new language, learning isiZulu will develop your cultural awareness and ability to communicate with a greater portion of the South African population. It can even lead to further business opportunities for you. There’s never been a better reason to learn isiZulu!