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Dalene Hoogenhout  Dalene Hoogenhout (Conductor)

Affectionately called Chef.
Dalene has been conducting since she was eighteen. Over and above her impeccable conducting skills, she plays multiple roles in the choir, including manager and traffic officer on stage.

Annie Olsson  Annie Olsson

Our trusted seamstress. Mrs Olsson is in charge of making us look our best, and if you've seen us on stage, you know we are in great hands.

Zenande Mnqandi  Zenande Mnqandi

When I was a kid I lived in the music school playing the piano and singing, it has always been my escape. My biggest dream other than completing my law degree is to build an arts school in the Eastern cape, there is so much raw talent that the world needs to see in my home province.

Lindelwa Thumbathi  Lindelwa Thumbathi

God is really creative, I mean just look at me! When I was a kid, I was smart and I didn't want to get married, now look at my life! When I'm not singing, I'm saving lives or playing netball. I dream of becoming a surgeon.

Anya Hoogenhout  Anya Hoogenhout

Been in the choir for many years. Actuary by day, singer by night.

Grace Magubane  Grace Magubane

Everyone calls me Gracey. I'm a talkative, warm individual who loves to laugh and sometimes cries in sarcasm.

Charlotte Motsoari  Charlotte Motsoari

When I was young I wanted to learn to play piano and ride horses. As an adult I want to become a change agent, creating policies and structures which afford young people from disadvantaged backgrounds an opportunity to dream big.

Emelda Ralph  Emelda Ralph

Growing up my biggest dream was to be part of Joyous Celebration, now that I am older I just want to find myself changing people's lives through my work as a future social worker and also through music.

Anna Spielmann  Anna Spielmann

I came to South Africa from Germany to take a gap year, that turned into a music degree at Wits. I only stop singing to eat or sleep. My dream is to always be able to do music and to visit every country on earth at least once.

Thando Siboto  Thando Siboto

I used to have shows/concerts in my room for 60 000 imaginary people everyday, wait… I still do. When I'm not singing, I'm watching reruns of old series surrounded by snacks instead of doing my readings.

Hlumelo Ledwaba  Hlumelo Ledwaba

Singing is my name, music is my game. If I'm not doing that I'm rushing somewhere with a bag that is usually bigger than I am. I like random things and general knowledge. “I like cereal, I like chocolate milk”, if you know where that comes from, we can be friends.

Kgabo Chuene  Kgabo Chuene When I was a kid I was very shy and timid, now that I'm grown, yal were never ready! I sing tenor. Aspiring Composer, Author and Artivist. When I'm not singing, I'm thinking about singing or engaging in a discussion or debate.
Florence Moloi  Florence Moloi

When I was a kid I wanted to be a superstar, now that I'm an adult I teach, touching the future. When I'm not singing I'm educating.

Gift Mobe  Gift Mobe

When I was a kid I used to be involved a lot in youth programmes for my own personal growth and benefit and also showcasing my singing talent in school music competitions. Today my biggest dream is to become a well known opera singer

Levy Pooe  Levy Pooe

I enjoy most Art forms. Photography is a bit high up there along with singing. I try to get along with everyone, easy going.

Brown Moraka  Brown Moraka

I just like being able to help people where I can. I enjoy problem solving and singing.

Myles Mogotle  Myles Mogotle

When I was a kid I hated singing but strangely enough my biggest dream is spread the message of love through music.

Malcolm Tafira  Malcolm Tafira

My best Wits choir experience so far was singing Skandamayeza for the first time, it was amazing the choir members always show so much excitement and make you smile and want to dance on.

Bongimpilo Hlela  Bongimpilo Hlela

Music is my life. I intent on doing all things music, composition, singing and conducting. I enjoy travelling, this is instrumental to improve all my music interests. When I'm not singing...well I'm always singing.

Menzi Gumbi  Menzi Gumbi

When I was a kid I dreamed of conducting a choir, now that I'm an adult, my dream came true as I have founded the EOH choir which I conduct. A teacher by profession, I sing to celebrate, heal and honour my loved ones.

Kwanele Masuku  Kwanele Masuku

My dreams have always included children and service. Through my Psychology qualifications, I want to end up working with children. When I'm not singing, I am at the gym or eating.

Thembela Sibande  Thembela Sibande

AKA Costa. I'm a brother to many, human in all aspects. I love music and of course the Wits Choir.

Noko Meso  Noko Meso

When I was young, I was shy and a loner. I never imagined myself to be the a jack of all trades I am today. I'm everywhere between school, Wits Choir, work and life, this may sound insignificant but it's huge for me.

Lindokuhle Thabede  Lindokuhle Thabede

Chilled person. All about the music. I dream of travelling everywhere with and for my music.

Keamogetswe Motlhakane  Keamogetswe Motlhakane

Affectionately called Sona, which is a name I got from my grandmother because when I was born I was really tiny. Taurus mentality on a ray of sunshine into a valley of cotton candy. I'm the Beyonce of the choir on diamond floors.

Sidumisile Zikhali  Sidumisile Zikhali

Being raised by a teacher, my focus has always been on academics, as a result I've always been a top achiever. Now that I'm an adult I'm reaping the fruits of my labour. If I'm not leading in my house committee, dancing, studying or with family, I'm singing in the Wits Choir.