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Zoological Collections

The Zoology Collection comprises several collections with over 60 000 specimens.

FieldSizePreparationTypes Documentation
Van der Horst slides - chordate, mainly mammalian vertebrate 41 000 Histology slides of embryological material no types 100%
card catalogue 60%
comp. database
some field notes
Inhaca marine invertebrates approx 600 wet no types some
Inhaca Fish 852 wet no types checklist
Knowles Jordan shells of Port Alfred 15 640 shells no types catalogue
Feltham Lepidoptera SA approx 850 pinned no types (donated to Transv l Museum) checklist
Anura reference collection SA approx 500 wet no types 80%
card catalogue
Teaching vertebrate and invertebrate approx 1750 wet 70%, skeletal 28%, models 2% no types 90 %
card catalogue
Bird skins (teaching) 140 dry skins no types checklist and labels
Insect teaching colln approx 2000 pinned mainly no types none