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Wits Physiotherapy Movement Analysis Laboratory

The Wits Physiotherapy Movement Analysis Laboratory supports a wide range of research oriented programmes in the biomechanical, kinematic and kinetic analysis of human movement.

The Movement Analysis Laboratory houses equipment such as a 12 camera kinematic analysis system, a pressure plate walkway, a 2D electrogoniometer, inclinometers, a Bioharness system®, a Flexchair®, a rehabilitative diagnostic ultrasound unit, electromygraphy (EMG) amongst other innovative research equipment.

Current research projects that are being done are injury prevention in cricket fast bowling, golf biomechanics and kinesio taping, golf biomechanics and muscle activation, dorsiflexion range of movement and hip biomechanics, centre of gravity in ballet dancing and the validity of measuring lumbar movement. Opportunities for further research are paediatric, neurological and orthopaedic movement analysis in healthy individuals as well as individuals with pathologies.

Collaborative research is currently underway with the School of Physiology at University of the Witwatersrand and with private physiotherapy practitioners. Time and resources will be invested into the further development of future collaborative studies involving the study of movement.

For more information on the movement analysis laboratory or possible research using this facility please contact any of the following people:

Dr Benita Olivier

Phone: +27 (0) 11 717 2014


Associate Professor Witness Mudzi

Phone: +27(0) 11 717 3716



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