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Teaching and Learning

Teaching and learning takes place in the physiotherapy department and in teaching hospitals or clinics. Physiotherapy is a practical subject and hence a considerable amount of time is spent practising techniques in the gyms.

Physiotherapy gym

The Physio gym has:

  • high plinths which are used for practicing techniques taught in practical sessions.
  • Electrotherapy machines such as ultrasound; interferential therapy and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS).
  • wax therapy equipment
  • cryotherapy equipment
  • heat therapy equipment
  • a wide selection of mobility aids
  • ICU equipment
  • nebulizers
  • humidifiers
  • flutter devices
  • incentive spirometers,
  • and vibromats.

There is access to a wide range of strapping material including BSN and Kinesio tape products.

Students have access to many exercise therapy materials including:

  • therabands
  • theraputty
  • exercise mats
  • balance boards
  • weights
  • medicine balls
  • pulleys, etc.

This gym also contains a real human skeleton which is often referred to when doing practical sessions that involve human anatomy.

Neurology gym

The neurology gym contains:

  • a number of low plinths
  • 2 sets of parallel bars
  • therapeutic stairs
  • exercise equipment that is mentioned above as well as:
  • cones
  • splints
  • pezzi balls
  • tactile balls
  • compliant surface mats

Both gyms are also fitted with audio-visual equipment, allowing for a combination of practical and lecture sessions simultaneously.

Khanya Lecture Theatre

The Khanya Lecture Theatre provides a great venue to learn, as it is fitted with audio-visual equipment, including a SMART board. This theatre is often used for lectures, student presentations, as well as for postgraduate lectures, seminars and conferences.

All tutorial rooms are fitted with audio-visual projectors, skype systems, a plinth, tables and chairs.

Student resource room

The student resource room provides:

  • a library
  • a virtual lab
Postgraduate facilities

These include:

  • postgraduate room
  • postgraduate resource room
  • The movement lab