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The Impact of Digital-Driven Warfare on Africa

- Anthoni van Nieuwkerk

Modern warfare is becoming more technological and increasingly employs advanced technologies.

Advances in precision location, targeting and strike, navigation, large data transmission, weapon-system range and manoeuvrability, and the growing importance of the outer space and cyber domains are collectively altering the ‘spatial dimensions’ of warfare. But are these rapidly evolving technologies and their use in defence and warfare relevant to developing nations and Africa in particular? There still exist high barriers to implementation, especially in countries with weak military research and development infrastructures.

This article examines these 4IR-induced shifts in warfare thinking and practice, and focuses on the implications for Africa. It also probes the options open to states to prepare for the use of digital technologies in the warfare domain, in particular drones and their application. It concludes with a number of recommendations for African security decision-makers to enhance innovative, effective, and efficient security sectors 

This article by Anthoni van Nieuwkerk appears in the UJ Thinker