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Staff Profile

Professor Hamsa Venkatakrishnan

QualificationsBSc, PGCE, MA, PhD
Phone 0117173742
Organisational Unit Mathematics Education

Primary maths teaching and learning; mathematics education curriculum and policy, and the ways in which these influence classroom practices

P rof Hamsa Venkat holds the position of SA Numeracy Chair at Wits – focused on a 5-year research and development project in primary mathematics. Her work in South Africa has been in the areas of Mathematical Literacy and Primary Mathematics teaching and learning. The Numeracy Chair project work involves research, and the development and trialing research-based interventions across ten government primary schools in one Gauteng district. The project runs from 2011-15. Prior to this, Hamsa was based in London for many years, working initially as a high school mathematics teacher in London comprehensive schools, before moving into teacher education at the Institute of Education and research in mathematics education at King’s College. She obtained her PhD at Kings College London and is the winner of the 2005 British Educational Research Association dissertation award for making the most significant doctoral contribution to research in education in 2004.

SCED 7021: Issues in Curriculum - Mathematics Education EDUC 4126: Mathematics and the young child

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